How To Buy A Baguette-Cut Diamonds?

Baguette-Cut Diamond Ring
Baguette-Cut Diamond Ring
Baguette-Cut Diamond Ring

In the past few years, the popularity of baguette-cut diamonds is increasing among people. Baguette diamond ring is worn by many celebrities around the world and this is one of the main reasons for its increasing popularity. The baguette-cut diamonds are rectangular and have a step cut. This beautiful diamond is often used as side stones in rings. When compared to most other diamonds, baguette-cut diamonds only have 14 facets.

Baguette-cut diamonds are rarely used as the center stone. A Baguette-cut diamond ring is the best option for those who look for a beautiful engagement ring at a lower price.

In this article, we will take a look at how to buy the best baguette-cut diamond ring.

How To Buy Baguette-Cut Diamonds?

We have already mentioned that baguette-cut diamonds are often used as accent stones in three-stone engagement or wedding ring settings. Therefore, you should make sure that the color of the baguette-cuts diamonds matches that of the center stone when you shop for a baguette diamond ring. If the color of the center stone and accent stones are not a clear match, the elegance and appearance of the entire ring will be affected.

The clarity of the diamond is one of the important factors you need to consider when buying an engagement ring. Since the baguette-cut diamond has only 14 facets, the inclusion of the diamonds is decently displayed. The levels of inclusions are very low in emerald or brilliant-cut diamonds. Therefore, when you look for a baguette diamond ring, make sure to look for the diamond with minimum levels of inclusions i.e. the diamond with higher clarity grade.

Since baguette-cut diamonds are cheap, buying a bigger diamond is not a bad idea if you have the budget. Do a quick internet search or talk with an expert jeweler to know about the cost of a one-carat baguette diamond. Once you know the cost, you can set up a budget based on your salary.

Are Baguette-Cut Diamonds Worthy?

For many years, people did not prefer baguette-cut diamonds because they are lower in quality when compared to other diamond cuts. The 14 facets of the baguette diamonds are not enough to hide the inclusions. However, many people these days choose baguette-cut diamonds as the side stones of their engagement ring.

Final Thoughts

The low price of the baguette diamonds makes it one of the best choices for those with a limited budget.

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