Why Many Engagement Ring Buyers Fancy Radiant Cut Diamond

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Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Radiant Cut Diamond

A radiant diamond cut combines an angular shape with its brilliant cut facets, which creates a look that is classic as well as intricate. If the popular adage “opposites attract” could be alluded to a diamond cut in the best imaginable way, it would certainly have to be this one.

A radiant cut diamond is faceted like a round brilliant cut and shaped like an emerald cut diamond, which gives the “best of both worlds” to it. Made up of seventy facets including the crown and pavilion, a radiant cut diamond can disperse a good deal of natural light, much more than other rectangular and square shaped diamonds. As such, it provides way more fire and brilliance than what you would find in a traditional step cut diamond.

A radiant cut diamond is chameleon-like when it comes to its color. The stone has that rare capability to alter its shade, which makes it appear darker or lighter when viewed from the top. In terms of diamond clarity, a radiant cut has a higher tolerance for its inclusions than, say, an emerald cut, demanding a higher level of clarity.

Radiant cut diamonds are squarish stones, which go well with any type of modern attire. They are great option for wedding rings, engagement rings, anniversary rings, and even promise rings. Below are some significant things to take into account when picking out a radiant cut diamond for an engagement ring.

  • A well-proportioned diamond with radiant cut, centered culet, and even sides, will appear bigger than it actually is.
  • Radiant cut stone is durable than other shapes since there are no brittle corners on it left exposed, which is ideal if you lead a very active lifestyle.
  • Owing to its incredible depth as well as evenness of color, a radiant cut diamond is often graded as a fancy color diamond, which only adds to its appeal.

Do you know that there are many celebrities, who sport radiant cut diamond rings on their fingers? Even the Chicago Cubs star, Javy Baez, lately proposed to his ladylove, Irmaire Marquez, with a three carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring. In fact, another Chicago Cubs player has gone down the radiant diamond route. First baseman, Anthony Rizzo, too, presented his sweetheart, Emily Vakos, with a beautiful radiant cut diamond engagement ring.

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