Pros and Cons of Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

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The radiant cut is a deep cut with an average of 70 facets and forms a perfect square with rounded edges. It brings the brilliance of the round cut; in fact, it was initially designed to showcase the best qualities of both emerald cut and round brilliant cut. While it has numerous benefits, there are several downsides to the diamond cut as well which you need to consider before buying a radiant cut diamond engagement ring. Below are a few pros and cons of the radiant cut engagement rings.

The Benefits of Radiant Cut

As mentioned, a radiant cut diamond is one with square or rectangular shape. It has its corners cut with eight equally spaced sides. Introduced in the 1970’s, it is a design that blends two cutting styles: the step cut on the crown and pavilion with a brilliant cut. It displays a beautiful combination of the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond and the strong outline of an emerald diamond. In addition, they have between 53 and 70 facets, meaning that they are excellent in terms of the glow they produce.

Very Versatile Cut

The radiant cut is truly one of the most versatile settings of all. They are used in a multitude of designs in a very graceful manner. While there are some diamond settings like pave or halo diamond settings that do not go well with every diamond shape, the radiant cut offers impressive looks with a wide range of settings.

Intensity of Brilliance

Diamonds are valued mainly for their brilliance. It is the one parameter, which determines how attractive it is. This is fully taken care of by the radiant cut. It offers excellent levels of brilliance. This can be attributed to the presence of several facets and the deep cut of the diamond.

Rounded Corners Reduce Breakage

The presence of the truncated corners is a huge advantage for the radiant cut diamonds. This avoids the sudden breakage of diamonds upon contact with hard materials. Firstly, it takes a huge amount of force to break a diamond. In addition, the presence of rounded edges means that this is a very distant possibility. Moreover, if the prongs in use are well protected from damage, then you can say that your diamond is fully protected.

Does Not Have Sharp Edges

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
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A good thing about the radiant cut is that the edge of the diamonds will not protrude dangerously like a traditional square cut. This enables you to keep the ring on for many activities where it would have required removing. For instance, you can easily sort your hair while wearing radiant cut engagement rings without the fear of getting the hair caught up in the process.

Does Not Magnify Flaws

This cut does not magnify the blemishes or flaws of the diamond. Hence, you can easily buy a radiant cut ring that is S12 grade or above on GIA clarity scale. This type of cut has enough number of facets that hides the tints, inclusions, and blemishes. While several inclusions remain invisible to the naked eyes, the bigger ones are concealed by the radiant cut.

Wider Choice of Price Points

Since the major flaws of diamonds such as inclusions and flaws are reduced in radiant cut diamonds, you get to choose from a range of prices in engagement rings featuring a stone of this shape. Diamonds with blemishes in radiant cut engagement rings are, in fact, a better choice than one with higher value and blemishes. Therefore, you can get more carats for the same amount of money.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Radiant cut is one of the best cuts for any fancy color diamond. It goes well with blue, red, brown, or pink diamond. Thus, it remains to be one of the most popular cuts. It glows remarkably well in all the colored diamonds, enhancing the attractiveness of the diamonds in the process.

Freedom of Design

One of the best things about the radiant cut diamonds is that there are no written rules regarding the shape. Their designs are not confined to certain lengths and breadths or designs. For this reason, though, it might be difficult to choose the best design from those offered.

Downsides of a Radiant Cut Diamond

It is true that radiant cut diamonds are very popular in fancy colored diamonds. However, one of the issues you may face while trying to find one is its limited availability in the category of clear or white diamonds. In this case, the best thing to do is to buy a loose diamond and create a beautiful engagement ring of your favorite design.

It is a known fact that radiant cut diamonds are highly effective in hiding the inclusions, flaws, and blemishes. This is facilitated by the deep cut of the diamonds. Therefore, if you have a one-carat diamond, they may not appear as large as a one-carat diamond in a different cut. However, you can resolve this issue by buying another diamond of higher size and fewer flaws.

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