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Summer days are back, so are the colorful bright colors. The vibrancy must also be seen in the jewelry you opt for this season. Below mentioned are some very interesting patterns of rings set with the gemstones that empower joyful colors.

White Gold with Alexandrite Stone

These mysterious rings can be grouped under the label of Eclipse hue, along with the contrasting shade of the white gold metal. The Alexandrite gemstone set in the center will be casting in the classic oval shape, making the purple hue darker. The accented diamonds in the bands highlight the center stone, even more.

Mojito Yellow Sapphire Ring

The real Mango Mojito is sensed in this charming yellow hue ring. The bright tint of yellow sapphire is striking right onto the beholder’s eye, in every angle. It portrays the comforting sunny skies with the diamonds set in the adorable halo designs.

Radiant Cut Emerald Ring

A darker shade of green brims from the radiant cut emerald stone placed at the center. The terrarium moss hued center stoned ring can be chosen as one of the best radiant cut engagement rings, asserting its sheers elegance. The pairing up of teal sapphires and yellow gold makes them looks classy.

Peach Sapphire Ring

The remarkable ring is symbolic of joy and optimism with the glorious presence of peach sapphire in the center. They look more like the magnificent coral underwater that are still colorful down right there at the sea. The beautiful tone of the rose gold complements best with the stone. Besides these reasons to adorn them gracefully by all those pretty ladies out there, the hue is the color of Pantone this year.

Yellow Gold Ring with Aspen Gold Colored Stone

The energetic yellow color does its deed here too, brightening up everything that comes across them. It can be categorized under the Aspen gold shade of the Pantone. The yellow gold bands are paired up with yellow diamonds created in labs calling for a drastic joyful hue in this alluring ring.

Rose Gold Ring Set Fiesta Pink Diamond

From the Pantone set rings this season, this conspicuous hue of red-orange depicts the blooming spring after the passing of winter days. A girly tint is well captured in this Fiesta pink diamond ring set with the feminine Rose Gold. The shade inevitably fetches that party mood with the lovely amalgamation of elegant metal and bright stone emulating its hue with each other.

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