Important Points To Know Before Buying Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Radiant-Cut Engagement Rings
Radiant-Cut Engagement Rings
Radiant-Cut Engagement Rings

Radiant-cut diamonds are popular among buyers because they combine the elegance of emerald-cut with the brilliance of round-cut. Also, there are elements of the Asscher-cut, in this cut, i.e., the cropped corners, which makes it more durable for regular use. Due to these reasons, radiant-cut diamond engagement rings are popular among buyers. Also, compared to other vintage predecessors, they have only been around for forty-plus years. Read on to know more about the fiery modern fusion-styled radiant-cut diamond engagement ring.

The Radiant-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Radiant-cut diamond engagement rings merge unique cutting process, brilliance, and bold facet styling. This combination produces excellent brilliance, fire, and scintillation along with an uncompromising style. Shared below are details about the features of a radiant-cut diamond.

The History Of Radiant-Cut Diamonds

The radiant-cut diamond has only been in existence slightly above forty years, and hence it is relatively a newcomer. However, it is still remarkable because it has found a following among diamond jewelry buyers. This diamond cut was designed by Henry Grossbard in 1977 who had been a master cutter for 30 years. He wanted to combine the fiery brilliance of round-cut with the elegant and long shape of the emerald cut.

The Pros And Cons Of Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

The Pros: Radiant-cut diamonds combine the qualities of traditional cuts like the emerald-cut and the round-cut.  This gives them excellent brilliance without requiring additional details for the shine. Although it is a bold cut, it still has sleek and clean lines due to its roots in the emerald cut. Furthermore, the presence of chipped corners lessens the possibility of scratching and chipping.

The Cons: Although radiant-cut diamonds have some of the best diamond qualities, they have some drawbacks. Mainly, their weight is more on the bottom side of the stone, and this is because they have a lot of depth. As a result of this, they have less brilliance. So, to increase their shine, you must increase the size of the stone. Furthermore, due to the increased depth of radiant-cut diamonds, the ring on which they are set must be able to withstand the weight of the diamond. This, in turn, results in increased pricing of radiant-cut engagement rings.

What To Look For In Radiant-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings?

  • For rectangular-shaped radiant-cut diamonds, look for a ratio between 1.20-1.30, and for square-shaped radiant-cut diamonds the ratio is between 1.00-1.03.
  • Remember that Radiant-cut diamonds enhance color and better hide inclusions.

These are the important points that you must know before buying radiant-cut diamond engagement rings, and we hope that this article was useful for you.

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