A Few Ways to Accessorize a Radiant Cut Diamond

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Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Radiant Cut Diamond

Selecting the ideal diamond engagement ring often depends upon many factors. One has to select the stone, its cut, setting, and the ring band carefully. There are many different combinations for you to mix and match, which further makes things confusing. Yet when you narrow down your choices, do not forget about a radiant cut diamond engagement ring – it might just be the kind of diamond brilliance you want.

A radiant cut diamond is square or rectangular in shape with somewhat cropped corners. This provides you with a chance to appreciate an emerald or Asscher cut diamond shape, but with more dazzle. Besides, radiant cut diamonds give a round shaped diamond’s fire. It refers to the refraction of light, which gives off a color effect similar to a rainbow. The greater its fire, the more will be the shine, so you need a diamond cut in a way that it will reflect as much light as possible.

A radiant cut diamond will have many facets, most on its top and bottom portions and some on its girdle, which makes the stone play with the natural light elegantly. Apart from the extra sparkle, the high number of facets of a radiant cut diamond will help disguise any minor imperfections of the stone.

The radiant cut as well as truncated corners make it a stronger and a “wearable” diamond. As it is without large or sharp edges, it will not get caught on clothing you wear or other objects. Therefore, it is less subject to damage. However, make it a point select an engagement ring setting that will be as elegant as the stone. Below are a few things to keep in mind when at it.

  • A radiant cut diamond looks wonderful when coupled with platinum metal band and settings. This is since the metal is bright and will create more brilliance when placed close to a diamond with luminous powers.
  • The four prong setting is ideal for a radiant cut diamond engagement ring. The setting will keep the stone securely in place while ensuring it can get as much light as possible in a room to make it shine.
  • Bezel setting is not an ideal option since it will dull some of its brilliance. This is since the setting utilizes a metal case wherein the stone sits in a raised position.

You can also accessorize a radiant diamond with a halo setting. Select it if you need the extra pop of brilliance. Encircling the center stone of a ring, diamonds halo can add another layer of shine as well as dimension to the piece of jewelry. What’s more, it is the ideal way to make a small stone look larger. You can even select a halo setting to be made up of colorful gems to add more personality to a ring.

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