Why is Kate Middleton Wearing a Ring from Outside Royal Collection?

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Diamond Engagement Rings
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It has been 9 years since Kate Middleton married Prince William in a ceremony held at London’s Westminster Abbey. Like almost every royal bride, Kate borrowed a ceremonial tiara from Queen Elizabeth’s collection, and she tied the knot wearing it.

After that, she has appeared in public rocking various pieces of jewelry from the UK royal family collection. Recently, she has sported an expensive ring first photographed in 2002. News reports implied that it is a fresh addition to her collection, but she already owned it as she was shot wearing it at a night function with Pippa Middleton in 2008. There does not seem to be more updates to the ring, but inflation should have caused its value to jump up to about £20,000.

Kate probably started to wear it as she had a newfound love for old jewelry. It is almost certainly her own ring, not an heirloom piece passed over to her from the previous generation.

It seems to feature citrine, the birthstone for people born at the start of summer. Kate was not born during this period, so does that mean Harry did not give it to her? He did give an engagement ring during their betrothal ceremony in 2010, but did he provide her with this one too?

Over the years, her confidence in the role of the family’s senior member appears to have become more. Choosing to sport a piece that already belonged to her personal collection could be proof that she feels more secure than ever before in that role. She may be more independent and capable today than in the past.

Citrine could be reappearing due to what the gemstone is thought to represent. Some individuals claim that the gem emanates optimism, plus it is possible to use it to direct decisiveness and personal will. This may help explain the reason for Kate’s choice to sport it for occasions or events without Prince William.

Kate’s engagement ring from William features diamonds as well as a sapphire at the center. The ring is rich in UK royal history, plus it is something Kate has worn after their engagement. It has a sapphire gemstone weighing 12 carats that is surrounded by smaller diamonds. Prince Charles gave it to Harry’s mother Diana for their engagement, and Harry gave it to Kate. The ring cost £28,000  at that time, but it is presently valued at a staggering £300,000.

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