Most Expensive CBD On The Planet?

If you think CBDs trend is up and rising, then just you wait and watch! The hype train is very much just picking up speed and the $1 billion industry will be expanding and turning to a much formidable powerhouse of an industry in the next 5 years. The need for this miracle drug in the market was very much sought after; it was a fire that was ready to be started and blaze gloriously. The Farm Act being passed in 2018 was the spark that set away that blaze. With the government officially giving the green signal, people began using the neigh potent lifesaver, all the while the stigma associated with CBD started to fade away slowly.

It became evident that this popularity tree of CBD would grow to the skies, especially with the benefits that using it brings! If you are someone fighting their demons in their sleep and have unspeakable nightmares, then try a hand at CBD. If you are someone who is being bogged down by all the stack of files that are piling up on your work desk, then CBD can help you find your footing. If you find yourself, with your knees in splitting pain due to arthritis, then CBD can do much for you.

However the spectrum of how much you can splurge on this miracle drug is vast and you finally can choose from a variety of CBD products in the market to best suite your pocket. As the Roman dramatis, Titus once said “You must spend money, to make money” stands true to the quality of the CBD product with the only difference being here is that money stands for health here; the more you spend the better will the product and more health benefits you will avail!

Today our focus is on the crème de la crème of the wellness world and why you should spend on it if you can afford it.


The seemingly innocent looking pill bottle siting on your shelf containing CBD has a lot of history attached to its name.

CBD or cannabidiol is merely one of the several such ingredients that you would hope to find if you were to squeeze out a cannabis plant. The likes of THC, terpenes pepper the cannabis plant. A much less potent form of CBD can be obtained from the hemp plant as well.

But the reason for the spotlight to shine so brightly on CBD is the excellent profile that it provides to its users. The highly therapeutic drug is largely used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. If you find yourself on the short end of the stick at a debate competition or an upcoming presentation before the company board members, then simply drop in a few gummy bears or take in a couple drops of CBD oil; before you know it your anxiety and stress would have jumped right out the window leaving behind a much more relaxed and confident you!

CBD Products That Help Flatten Your Wallet!

Of all the things that CBD products are, we all can collectively agree that CBD can get expensive. Well there is no denying the excellent value for money that one seeks to gain from the transaction! But if you have the deep pockets to splurge on the most premium CBD products then we have listed a couple of them down here for you.

The Blue CBD Crystals Isolate By Diamond CBD

This is definitely one of the higher priced CBD products that have been released by manufacturer, Diamond CBD. Apart from this seemingly outlandish product there are others in their inventory that include Creams, salves, tinctures, edibles and a lot more.

The Blue CBD Crystals isolate is one of the highest quality CBDs that you can possibly get your hands on, and the price tag that dangles from the neck of the bottle justifies that, every bit! The CBD crystal isolate consist of 2500mg ultra quality extract. It is tested and certified for its purity and potency by recognised third-party laboratories.

And rightly so at $419, this is by far the most expensive CBD on the list!

The Natural Premium CBD Oil By Pure Kana

Had there been a list of the most potent CBD products out there in the market then Natural Premium’s Pure Kana would definitely take the #1 spot! With a 5000mg potency written with very little highlight and blaring sirens, you wouldn’t be intimidated by this product until you turn it around! For the price of $390, this product does seem very reasonable especially with the wallop that it is packing.

The CBD oil is completely unflavoured and organic in every sense of the word. Not just that, but there are a couple of supplementary nutritional benefits that this CBD oil brings to further increase the vitality and wellness of its users. The CBD oil also contains natural phytocannabinoids and terpenes which further enhance the effectiveness of the CBD oil.

What sets this product apart from the rest is the extreme versatility, where in it adapts to the chemical makeup of each user so as to create a tailor-made experience for each and every one who tries this product.

CBD Honey Sticks By Diamond CBD

Another product by Diamond CBD has made it to the list, and rightly so this is one CBD manufacturer that deserves more than just one spot on this list. Have you ever thought of mixing the goodness of CBD with honey? Well somebody has already thought of it and made it into a full-fledged product for use. The CBD honey sticks are full of antioxidants which prevent the breakdown at a cellular level. It also reduces your blood pressure and your sore throat will also be a distant memory.

The $300 price tag attached to the CBD honey sticks by Diamond CBD does not only have honey flavouring, but comes in Apple, blueberry, peach and even cherry. This is strictly made from good quality home grown hemp that make for a great alternative to the traditional CBD pills and edibles that you may have grown accustomed to.

If you are ready to spread open your wallet, there is no doubt of the plethora of health benefits you can reap!

Paw’s CBD Oil By Charlotte’s Web

This is one brand that shot to internet fame in mere days. The inspiring story of Charlotte Figi, a 7 year old girl who was saved by the grace of a CBD strain created by Stanley Brothers, a marijuana grower in Colorado is the reason for the viral growth.

Now however, the same company has been rebranded as Charlotte’s web and is spreading love and joy to man’s best friend as well. Using the same original CBD formula that helped Charlotte, the Paw’s CBD oil contains 16.5mg of CBD oil per ml, in an easy digestible form for your furry friend.

The effect of the oil includes relaxation and maintaining a sense of calmness in your dogs that get angsty in much the same way its owners do. The digestible also contains healthy MCT oil as well to further boost the benefits!

At $200, you can bring home this oil for your posh pups!

Why Should You Spend The Extra Buck?

People generally ask this question, and in the case of CBD this is best explained by ‘the more you spend, the more you get” phrase. Better quality strains and CBD require more money to be expended in researching and helping grow the plant in the right settings. The end result is a much better rounded CBD strain that drives home all the benefits that a much cheaper form of CBD wouldn’t be able to deliver.

What separates the more expensive CBD oils is the processing as well. They are more uniform in their medicinal properties due to the presence of lower impurities that react with your body in an adverse fashion. They are also sold through proper channels and their business is backed by legal agreements.

So you know the crisp dollar bills you exchange for is giving you exactly what is promised to you!

Why Is It, That CBD Is So Expensive?

A lot of factors control the cost of the final product. First is the growing and maintenance of the hemp or cannabis plant. Although the plant is durable, there is a constant need to maintain the right temperature and climate controls to aid the growth, not to mention the continuous levels of care and attention you will have to shower. In certain location, this becomes nearly impossible to do.

Further, the passing of the Farm bill 2018 hasn’t opened the roads all the way. Suppliers and distributers have to work under the guise of the state government and the control is still there nonetheless. The products themselves are heavily taxed and are considered as an exclusive commodity. Why? Because the government needs their crisp notes.

All of this means that the digits trickle all the way down to the consumers who actually end up buying the product.

Choosing The Right CBD Product

Choosing the right CBD product entails the need to understand what it is that you need fixed. If you feel that pain relief and inflammation control is on the top of your needs list then go for a strain that caters more exclusively to that. Or perhaps you need it for your insomnia. Researching and making sure that the product you end up buying is properly tested and certified also goes a long way in ensuring you get what you pay for!

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