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A request by the French royalty paved way for the origin of the adorable Marquise cut diamonds which are being placed in the engagement rings very gracefully. Marquise cut diamonds were known to be royal cut with their very grandeur and splendor. They are equally carried off gloriously by numerous celebrities too.

Coming back to the stints of royalty and Marquise cut rings, a fact needs to be remembered that the cut can be viewed in the Crown Jewels of Great Britain. In one of those brooches of Queen Mary, features 6.8 carat Cullinan stone with a suspension of 11.5 carats Marquise diamond cut from a Cullinan VI stone. The surprising factor is that it is still worn by Queen Elizabeth II, which is a chip cut from another large Cullinan diamond.

Below are some of the alluring Marquise Diamond settings that can be perfect for engagement rings.

Protective Setting with V-Tip

Due to the prominent shapes at both the ends of the cut, these diamonds are always prone to damage like chips or cuts. The V-Prong designs had been created to solve such an issue. However, lately, they have found to be a trendsetter with many of the buyers preferring them as their special engagement ring. To meet the requirement of offering complete protection to the stone, they are often shielded fully, protecting both the tips. These kinds of protective settings compel the makers to completely eliminate the tension settings. There are two varieties of V-tip protective settings, namely:

V-Tip Bezel setting: For the purpose of protecting the stone from every side including the tips, the surrounding metal acts like a metal halo. This can be found in most of the solitaire setting rings as it turns out to give a contemporary appeal. Moreover, unlike the vertical set solitaire bezel rings, an Avant-Garde appeal would be epitomized with horizontal bezel marquise cut rings.

V-Tip Prong setting: Prong set for Marquise cut diamonds would call for two V-prongs at the tips and four other standard prongs, considering the safety of the stone. The examples of such a setting could be of white gold and Platinum metal that makes the diamonds look brighter with causing any distraction in the passage of light.

Heavenly Halo Marquise Rings

Halo designs are always used to bring about a vintage look to the rings. Here with a marquise diamond at the center surrounded by a diamond halo are inevitable to revive the Roaring 20s’ Art Deco style. A clean and royal look is offered by the majestic white diamonds.

Rose Gold Halo Marquise diamond ring:The metal that shows off vintage appeal gorgeously is made more regal by setting the perfect marquise diamond at the center. This beautiful setting of rings is in a close match with Victorian Era rings, with its blushing innocence.

White metal Halo Marquise diamond ring:These are a higher version of the silver sterling engagement rings. Choosing white gold over Platinum is an affordable choice, with an added advantage of an eternal beauty of silvery shining white halo with diamonds. They can be either bezel or prong set according to the needs of a buyer.

Colored Halo with Marquise diamond ring: Setting the halo of the diamond engagement ring around the marquise with colored stones like pink gems, blue sapphires, or golden stones. They may be gemstones or pave diamonds. Some adorable rings of this pattern could be setting golden stone in yellow gold, Sapphire halo in platinum and pink gems in rose gold.

Definitely Diamond Setting

Much drama and amplification can be brought by pairing some more additional diamonds to the sole Marquise diamond at the center, that are alreadydeemed to be brimming with glory. There is an array of antique diamond jewelry offering a cohesive vintage inspiration that displays step cut faceting, like marquise cut diamond ring with baguettes, emerald or Asscher cut.

Marquise-Round brilliant cut ring: A more contemporary look can be attained by setting round diamonds on both the sides of the central marquise diamond. Optimum sparkle is obtained with the notable presence of round cut brilliant diamonds in this unique marquise engagement ring.

Marquise-Banquette cut ring: Another interesting pattern in this group is three stone baguette engagement rings, in which a pair of baguette side stones frame a central marquise diamond. To personalize them, you can experiment more with various metal types.

Marquise-Inset sparkling rings: It can create wonders by playing with inset design in any of the white metal such as platinum or white gold, with too many minute white round diamonds. A mirror-like appeal will be gathered by setting the inset diamonds in white gold. Setting a marquise diamond which is around six times the carat size of inset diamond at the center will look remarkably alluring.

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