Tips to Choose a Diamond for your Engagement Ring

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With so many types of diamonds to choose from, finding the one for you can be an overwhelming task. The step-by-step guide shared below can help you choose the best diamond for you. It is true that the diamond search of one person can differ from that of another person. However, the guide can be a useful starting point.

Choosing a Diamond

  • The first thing is to decide on the diamond shape that is desired by your partner. If you do not know the shape or are unable to find out, you can go for princess cut or round cut diamonds, because these are loved by all women.
  • The next thing is to settle on the carat weight of the diamond. The preferences of the recipient should be taken into account while deciding on the carat weight. This is very important because if your partner has her heart set on a 1 carat baguette ring, even the most attractive and beautiful half carat diamond baguette ring could be a disappointment.
  • The next thing is to start with the highest quality of diamond shape and carat weight that you have identified in the above steps and make compromises in the order listed below to reach a diamond fitting your budget.
    • The first thing that you can lower is the Clarity of the diamond. You can go as low as VS2 to have an eye-clean stone.
    • The next thing to lower is the Color. You can go as low as H before for a sparkly diamond.
    • The final compromise can be made in the Cut. You can go as low as Very Good in round cut diamonds and Good in the fancy cut stones for a stunning piece.
    • If you find that the diamonds matching your revised criteria are almost near to your budget allocation, you might shave off a little carat weight to close the gap, as it will be visually very difficult to detect a weight difference of 10% or less.
  • If you are out of your budget allocation even after following all the steps mentioned above, you might repeat the steps with new thresholds. You can reduce Clarity and go down to SI1; reduce Color to as low as J; and  get Cut grade as Good in round cut stones and Fair in the fancy cut diamonds.

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