Tips For Buying Baguette Diamonds

Baguette Diamond Rings
Baguette Diamond Rings
Baguette Diamond Rings

In recent years, many people are choosing baguette diamonds for their engagement and wedding rings. The popularity of the baguette diamond ring is only increasing each day. This thin, elongated, rectangular-shaped diamond is being favored by thousands of couples. There are mainly two types of baguette diamonds, straight and tapered baguettes.

Baguette diamonds usually have 14 facets, which is less than most of the other diamond cuts. It is important to note that baguette-cut diamonds are mainly used as side stones rather than the center stones. If you want a mix of contemporary aesthetic and vintage, then a baguette ring is the ideal choice.

In this article, we will give you some important tips that can be helpful for you when buying baguette diamond rings.

Make Sure The Color Matches

 One of the important things you need to look for while buying a baguette diamond is the color. You need to make sure that the color of the center baguette diamond matches with the color of the side stones.

The color of the center stone and the side stones should be matched because it is very essential for increasing the cohesiveness of the design of the ring. You have to pay extra attention when you buy a baguette ring that has round brilliant or princess cut diamonds. This is because both these diamond cuts look whiter when compared to baguette diamonds with the same color grade. Therefore, the color grade of the princess cut and round brilliant cut should be higher.

The Clarity Grade

You may not have to give too much importance to the clarity grade of a baguette diamond ring. The baguette diamond is a step cut, which means the imperfections of the diamond is more visible. The main advantage is that baguette diamonds are smaller than most of the other cuts. The smaller size of the diamond makes it very difficult to spot any inclusions or blemishes with the naked eye.

The Purpose

The other important thing you need to consider before buying a baguette diamond is that whether you want to use it as the center stone or side stone. The baguette diamond complement well with almost all other diamond shapes. Moreover, the baguette diamonds do not take away the beauty of the center stone. Therefore, you can choose a baguette diamond as the center stone and also as the side stone.

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