Important Things You Should Know About Baguette Diamonds

Baguette Engagement Rings
Baguette Engagement Rings
Baguette Engagement Rings

A Baguette diamond is a gemstone that is thin, elongated, and rectangular-shaped. Baguettes can be practically square in shape, although they’re most typically long and thin, with a length-to-width ratio of roughly 5:1. Baguette diamonds can have tapering edges that bend in or have straight edges that form a perfect rectangle. Baguettes are classified as “straight” or “tapered.”

The major distinction between Baguettes and related cuts like the Emerald Cut is that the corners are completely square. Conventional diamond cuts typically have more than 50 facets, but baguettes have only 14. Because they are typically small, they are frequently used as accent stones in engagement rings, eternity bands, and wedding rings.

Baguette Engagement Ring Settings

These days, baguette diamond rings are incredibly trendy. In a three-stone setting, baguette diamonds are excellent side stones. A gorgeous baguette engagement ring will be created with the right stone and setting. The majority of rings with Baguette diamonds are positioned horizontally, with one on each side calling emphasis to a center stone.

Let’s take a look at different baguette engagement ring settings.

Channel Set Baguette Rings

Channel set rings look fantastic with baguette diamonds. A clean and classy image is achieved with this setting, which features tiny diamonds placed into the metal leading up to the main stone.

Three-Stone Baguette Rings

A Tapered Baguette diamond adds more radiance to a ring without detracting from the center diamond. A three-stone setting featuring Tapered Baguettes and an Emerald Cut is among the most popular designs.

Baguette Eternity Band

Eternity rings with baguettes are a terrific choice. A clean and elegant aesthetic is achieved by a row of straight Baguette diamonds. When compared to fitting the ring with high-quality brilliant cuts all the way around, which will be mostly hidden, using Baguette diamonds reduces the ring cost.

Vintage Baguette Rings

Baguettes look fantastic in opulent vintage settings. Baguettes add variation and can elevate a band with a lot of round diamonds.

Are They Expensive?

Baguette diamonds are more affordable than other popular diamond cuts available in the market. As with every diamond, baguettes are graded using the 4 Cs. As a result, prices fluctuate according to the grade of a stone. Because of the scarcity of high-quality Baguettes, the cost per carat will be comparable to, if not more than, more common cuts.

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