How to Tell if Rose Gold is Real

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Rose gold is gaining popularity throughout the world. It is very much among the favorites of all women because it complements all color tones well. Besides, they are not among the most expensive choices. They have become the popular choice as the cool alternative metal for engagement rings. Below is a discussion on the ways to recognize rose gold and say if they are real or not.

How to Tell If Rose Gold is Real

One of the first things you need to look for is the hallmark. Check if there is a mark indicating the carat weight. Rose gold is an alloy by definition. Hence, there is no such thing as pure rose gold. If you have a 24K mark on your rose gold heart engagement rings, it is fake. The most commonly found marking is 14K in the US.

If your Baguette Ring with rose gold appears strongly red in color, it means there is a high copper content. This means it has a high carat weight. You can tell the difference if you observe the softer shade of pink on rose gold. If the bracelet is marked as 18K and still has a deep red color, this means it is either a fake or it is definitely not 18K

There is a test you can conduct at home to see if it is real rose gold. The magnet test can easily detect fake metal. If the jewelry gets attracted by the magnet, it is clearly not real rose gold.

Further, you have to look for certain attributes when shopping for used jewelry. In vintage or pre-owned rose gold jewelry, search for discolorations in regions which have a high possibility for wear such as the inner side of the ring. If you can spot another color beneath the first layer, it is clearly a fake. It might be only a piece of gold-plated jewelry.

How to Tell Rose Gold from Copper

Initially, copper appears similar to the characteristic pinkish hue of rose gold. Note that copper is darker and is more brownish than rose gold. Once it is exposed to the elements, the copper jewelry oxidizes, creating tarnishes. This forms a characteristic green patina over the jewelry.

Use the above tips to ensure that you are not fooled into believing that your jewelry is rose gold. The above are some effective techniques to keep you protected from fake sellers.

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