How to Find Out Your Future Partner’s Engagement Ring Size

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So you have decided to propose marriage to that special one in your life. You also have a list of engagement ring styles in mind for her. Now, what next? Surely, at some phase, you will need to find out that person’s engagement ring size. Below are a few ideas to determine it if she does not own a ring. In this case, finding it out is slightly trickier without their knowledge. Still, do give these ideas a shot.

The String Trick

Try this when she is sleeping deeply. When she is asleep, wrap a paper string around her engagement ring finger. Gently wrap the string around its base, because you will have to slide it over her knuckle. Then, measure the string’s length, and have it sized by a jeweler.

This is the easiest method, and it will work albeit she does not know her ring size. Still, it may be inaccurate even if you are some millimeters too loose or too tight.

The Shoe Size Trick

When you are browsing the web on your mobile device, casually tell her that you saw this interesting piece of information that one’s finger size corresponds to their shoe’s size. Just make up some formula to substantiate this information. After a while, she might say that your formula is incorrect and tell her ring size. Then again, this particular idea depends upon the guess that she is aware of the size.

Seek Help from Others

Ask her nearest friends whether they know it. Girls tend to try on one another’s jewelry, so her friends may know if they have same-sized fingers. Otherwise, they could determine it without causing shock in her. For instance, they can take your girl to a shop when shopping for jewelry and make her try on a few rings.

Alternatively, you can enlist your male pal’s help. That guy can say that he is purchasing a similar-sized ring to hers. If she does not know her size, then your girl may be ready to help find the measurement this way.

Get Crafty

Browse through your local craft market. There are unique pieces of jewelry in many craft fairs. Somehow make her try on rings by saying that you wish to purchase a present for your loved one or jokingly choosing outlandish costume pieces.

Check whether it has a ring which fits her. Then, ask that vendor about its size when she is away from you.

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