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Once you decide to propose to your better half, the first thing that you may think about will be a resplendent diamond ring to impress your sweetie. Of course, you may consider multiple factors to choose the right diamond engagement ring. However, all these factors tend to boil down to the fact that you want a sparkler that reflects the essence of the woman you love. So, the main points that you will have to decide on this case will be:

  • Her style
  • The diamond shape that suits her
  • The color of the diamond ring band
  • Should there be accent diamonds or stones

All these choices may overwhelm you. Worry not; there are certain guidelines to tackle your dilemma and choose a sparkler that your sweetheart can never resist. Some of those awesome tips for choosing the best diamond engagement rings are given below.

The Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

In case your partner admires everything that sparkles, take a look at radiant cut engagement rings. This cut features 70 facets and a rectangular silhouette to offer a captivating sparkle and shape. This is a suitable choice for all the women who love something that reflects the classic shine of round brilliant stones while flaunting a chic and modern appeal. The uniqueness and dazzle of this stone make it ideal to complement almost every setting and hence, you will not have to contemplate on this factor as well.

Similarly, if your better half loves flaunting something subtle yet elegant, a radiant cut baguette diamond ring will be just perfect. For this, flank two baguette stones on each side of your main gemstone. Note that the blend of extreme and subtle brilliance offered by a radiant cut baguette ring is perfect to impress any woman. If you are still skeptic about the same, below are some of the ideal designs for radiant cut diamond engagement rings to suit different styles and personalities.

To Express your Infinite Love

What will be more appealing than choosing a diamond engagement ring design to express that your love for your partner will last for a lifetime and beyond? For this, consider a cathedral setting diamond ring that is beautified with infinity motifs on the band. Set a radiant cut diamond of decent carat weight at the center and accentuate its beauty by bordering it with 52 accent stones; one diamond to represent each week in a year. Needless to mention, the sparkle of such rings will be eye-catching.

For your Colorful Diva

Does your partner love to flaunt multiple colors? Can you find almost every color in her wardrobe? Then, consider a diamond ring setting that flaunts a pop of color to woo her. For this, choose a prong-set radiant cut diamond engagement ring with colorful accents on each side. On a related note, pave setting pink or blue sapphires on each side on the center stone, in this case, is sure to turn heads.

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