A Unique Comparison between Emerald and Radiant Cut Diamonds

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When it comes to picking the right diamonds shapes, most people will be overwhelmed because of the availability of a wide range of options. However, more people are now steering towards step, radiant, and mixed diamond cuts when compared to the conventional options. Out of ten popular fancy diamond cuts, two most popular options are emerald and radiant cut diamonds.

Interestingly, most people often get confused between these two cuts because of the similarity in their silhouette. When you do a comparison between radiant and emerald cut diamonds, you can see that both the cuts either feature a rectangular, or rarely, square profile. The main feature that differentiates the appeal of these two cuts is actually the truncated corners of emerald cut diamonds. However, people rarely notice this dissimilarity, especially when set in a ring. Plus, some radiant diamonds too feature truncated corners. Regardless of their similarities in shape, both diamonds cuts tend to feature cut corners in order to minimize the chances of getting chipped or scratched. This makes emerald and radiant diamond cuts a perfect option for all the women who lead an active lifestyle.

When it comes to significant differences between the two diamond cuts, emerald cut features step cut facets and flat tables giving it an appeal of bigger diamonds. As a result of this unique faceting pattern, such diamonds shows off a mirror-like reflection rather than a resplendent sparkle. Another popular example for step cut diamonds is a baguette cut diamond ring. Nowadays, some millennial couples prefer choosing an emerald cut baguette ring as well to define their style. By amalgamating the beauty of both the step cuts, an emerald cut baguette ring is sure to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

In the case of radiant cut diamonds, it mostly features brilliant cut and offers an outstanding sparkle. In fact, the radiant cut was introduced to the field to boost up the sparkle of brilliant cut diamonds. The number of facets in a radiant cut diamond will be much higher than that of a step cut stone like an emerald. This is to emphasize the scintillating properties of a radiant cut diamond to the fullest. Another genre that features significant differences between an emerald and radiant cut diamond is its imperfections. It is to be noted that an emerald cut diamond is more likely to flaunt its imperfections when compared to a radiant cut diamond of similar carat weight. This is because of the presence of large and flat facets present in the former. So, while shopping for an emerald cut diamond, make sure to go up on the clarity scale.

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