A Brief Guide To Ring Guard

Baguette Ring Guard
Baguette Ring Guard
Baguette Ring Guard

A ring guard is also known as an enhancer, a wrap, or a curved ring. As well as adding a bit of sparkle, they help keep a solitaire ring in place. Ring guards are a great way to dress up your engagement ring, whether you wear them for style or safety. As well as providing protection for jewelry, ring guards can also add a touch of style to any piece. With just one band, a simple solitaire becomes a lavish wedding set.

Many people these days are choosing baguette ring guards. In this article, we will take a look at what ring guards are and what their importance is.

What Is A Ring Guard?

By acting as a buffer or guard around a solitaire, rings guards offer some protection to solitaire rings. The truth is, they do a lot more than that. The term “ring guard” refers to a ring that is designed to be worn in conjunction with a solitaire diamond ring. With its additional style and gemstones, ring guards are intended to enhance the solitaire ring, adding sparkle and detail to its design. Combined, they give the impression of being part of the same design, resulting in a cohesive appearance.

Benefits Of Wearing A Ring Guard?

You can protect the solitaire ring from impact and unnecessary exposure with ring guards. If your ring has a large diamond and doesn’t want to damage it with a hard knock, using a ring guard can be a great option. A ring guard also prevents the solitaire ring from spinning or drooping forward. Wearing a ring with the stone facing forward is more comfortable.

In addition to being used as wedding bands, ring guards can also be used as a way to add more bands to your ring finger while still maintaining the designs. Finally, ring guards make a solitaire ring appear more beautiful and elaborate than it actually is by enhancing its appearance.

That is why people who buy baguette diamond rings also wear baguette ring guards.

Types Of Ring Guards

All ring guards fall mainly into two categories; ring wrap style and insert rings.

Ring wrap style guard has a single band that curves around a solitaire ring. As the name suggests, insert rings consist of two rings that are connected by a gap, allowing the solitaire ring to fit between them.

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