What Are Composite Diamond Rings?

Baguette Ring
Baguette Ring
Baguette Ring

Are you seeking a big diamond ring at an affordable cost? If yes, it may be a good idea for you to look at the jewelry piece with a composite diamond setting. It is usually a showstopper of a jewelry piece with the same glamor quotient and sparkle as a big solitaire ring, as well as at a much lower price point. Read on to know more about the ring.

What Is A Composite Diamond Setting?

The term ‘composite diamonds’ refers to smaller gemstones that are set together to make the arrangement resemble a bigger stone. The gemstones are placed in a manner that causes them to look like one diamond or are cautiously added to a design to leverage their sparkle or beauty. The stones may be glued, too, to constitute a doublet or triplet that is set in the same manner as one, bigger gem. An example of a doublet composite setting is a round and baguette diamond ring arrangement.

Composite Diamond Ring Cost

This form of the jewelry piece is usually less expensive than a set with a full, big diamond, like say, a solitaire baguette ring. Why? It is because composite diamonds allow executing complex designs without much upfront cost and with a much lower profile than other rings. Anyhow, while a composite diamond ring may appear to be a budget-friendly piece, it could be costly in the long run, particularity regarding repairs and maintenance.

You must consider its future maintenance and repair costs. Repairing a ring with composite diamonds is possibly costly in certain situations. For instance, discovering the right diamonds as substitutes for the missing gems in the piece could prove to be tricky and even costly at times. For instance, does your ring have an invisible diamond setting? If yes, you could repair just the item featuring notched diamonds, which are usually not available in wholesalers that supply numerous diamonds in bulk.

Besides, if the jewelry piece has glued diamonds, then it would cost more to repair it when compared to a similar ring with a different setting method.

How Valuable Is It?

It is tricky to predict the worth of conventional diamonds, not to mention the composite stones. The value retention of the latter is nowhere near that of conventional diamonds. Anyhow, the material values, as well as the components, may allow a particular ring to keep more of its value because of demand.

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