Weighing in on Diamond Photo’s Use from Industry Insider’s Perspective

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Buying a diamond often leads to anxiety among online customers regarding their clarity. The combination of its high value, the lack of diamond knowledge, and rarity of this type of buy can lead one to fear an output or purchase experience that falls short of their expectation. Of late, diamond images have become a more popular method of tackling customer anxiety. That is precisely why online retailers use diamond photos, although not all follow this practice.

When purchasing a baguette diamond ring online, the main concerns center on the stone’s value and security. The latter may be about the seller’s integrity, return policies with fine print, hidden charges, as well as the order’s safety. Meanwhile, the value concerns usually focus on the buyer’s desire to ensure the cut, clarity, and color matching their expectation, and fall in line with the prices they pay.

A photograph of a diamond is often regarded as a reliable method to help customers confirm various characteristics of the stone. Oftentimes, people rely on it more than a diamond certificate of authenticity itself. However, photos do not convey any significant characteristics of a diamond other than its shape. Therefore, diamond brokers, retailers, and wholesalers do not use the photos for their buys.

For example, a diamond’s color in a photograph has been translated via a camera, photo editing tool, and the monitor of the eventual viewer. It could also be that the viewer’s monitor is calibrated, which may also give a wrong impression of the stone’s color. Since the diamond color grading relies upon extremely subtle differences, it is not possible at times to see that, even when it is in front of the eye. So relying upon a photograph to precisely convey those color differences might not be wise.

Going by the same logic, the cut of the diamond is often distorted in its photograph. The picture itself often distorts its cut quality, and any image editing process will enhance the brilliance, the brightness, or other aspects of it. Even the clarity is distorted by this photography procedure, which often obscures certain clarity characteristics’ visibility.

Due to these reasons, some diamond wholesalers do not use diamond photos on their website. Instead, they use diamond consultant, available to each buyer, and can answer queries concerning the stone. They can provide alternative suggestions too. The whole logic behind this is to make customer buying process smooth and convenient.

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