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A baguette is something that when combined with an eternity ring gives out a great combination. As baguette diamonds are rectangular in shape it will provide a special and unique texture for your eternity ring. It is also among the best anniversary gift option for your loved one.

Eternity ring is also called infinity ring. This ring is made up of a precious metal like gold or platinum and is set with gemstones which are cut identically. The gemstones in a baguette eternity ring will be set in a continuous line. These rings are a symbol of eternal love between couples. If you are planning to buy a baguette ring then check out a baguette eternity ring to get a beautiful design.

When you select a baguette eternity ring you can opt for two designs. The first one is full eternity ring and the second is a half eternity ring.  A full eternity ring is differentiated from a half eternity ring in terms of the arrangement of stones. For a full eternity ring the diamonds will be arranged all the way around the circumference of the ring. The diamonds will cover both the upper side as well as the underside of the ring.

The half eternity ring will have diamonds covered only on the upper side of the ring. The stones are set on the face of the band and the underside will be completely made of the metal.

There will not be any other difference between a full eternity ring and a half eternity ring except for the arrangement of the stones. The full eternity ring will have a truly exquisite as well as a delicate look. The diamonds covering the entire round of the ring will give this ring a luxurious look.

As the full eternity ring has diamonds all the way around, it might be cumbersome to wear. It is more vulnerable to damage. So if you want an eternity ring which is less prone to damage then you can choose a half eternity ring. It will give you a bold and enticing look.

Another factor you have to consider when deciding between a full eternity ring and half eternity ring is that a full eternity ring cannot be easily resized. Such a ring will have stones going all the way around the ring, so when you heat the ring to resize, it will cause damage to the stones. So the full eternity rings are usually custom made which makes it more expensive than a half eternity.

Selecting a full eternity ring or a half eternity ring depends on your own preferences. There are no major differences between these two rings except for the arrangement in the stones. Both are wonderful choices and you can select either one according to your need.

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