Mistakes You Should Never Make In Diamond Maintenance

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Diamond Maintenance
Diamond Maintenance

For the prized possessions diamonds are, you cannot compromise on its maintenance. Rough maintenance of the diamond rings increases the chance for stones to fall off and metal band to lose its smooth finish. You might have invested a significant part of your savings in buying diamond jewelry and wouldn’t want to lose it because of your carelessness.

Here are the diamond maintenance mistakes that many people make.

Using Lotion Wearing The Diamond Ring

When you apply body lotion with the diamond ring in your finger, it may catch some of the lotion even if you apply it with utmost caution. Even if the lotion contains safe ingredients like shea butter, if it piles up, it may affect the sparkle of the diamond. Fortunately, the lotion can be sucked away easily.

However, if the lotion is made of exfoliating ingredients like glycolic or alpha-hydroxy acids, it may cause serious damage to the ring that isn’t very easy to repair.

Wearing Diamond Ring While Working Out At The Gym

Wearing diamond ring during heavy workouts is one of the biggest mistakes that many make. There is a chance for the ring to wear off due to rough handling. When you are lifting weights, beware of banging the diamond ring against other metals because repeated banging may put the prong out of place and the diamond may fall off.

If you are taking cardio training, it is fine to wear diamond ring but if the ring is loose, there is a chance for it to fall when your fingers get slippery on sweating. We recommend you not to wear your ring while swimming because the ring may side off when your fingers shrivel in the cold.

Scrubbing The Diamond Ring While Cleaning It

Scrubbing the diamond ring to remove any dirt in it is not a good idea. Using a rough sponge, pad or chemical cleansers may destroy the metal band used to make the ring. Moreover, if you are using a low grade diamond, there is a chance for it to become damaged.

Taking A Shower Wearing The Diamond Ring

Making it a habit to shower while wearing the diamond ring is a bad idea. The negative effects of scum and hard water are difficult to get rid of. The chemical products including shampoo, conditioners and shower gel that you use may damage the diamond ring and affect its luster.

Getting to know about the do’s and don’ts in diamond maintenance help safeguard the luster and sparkle of your diamond rings.

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