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As in the case of everything, there are several misconceptions about diamonds too. Some of them have been there since decades and have become cemented in people’s minds. These concepts are important when you consider investing in an emerald cut engagement rings with baguettes. Below is a discussion on the common misconceptions regarding diamonds.

Diamonds Display More Fire Than Other Gemstones

Fire or dispersion is used to describe the ability of the diamond or gemstone to split white light into its spectral colors. Diamonds certainly display high levels of fire which is one of their specialties. However, their average dispersion is rated at around 0.44. Meanwhile, this is much less than certain gemstones like rutile which has a dispersion value of 0.330.

The Larger The Diamond The Better

This is not always true. It is possible that a big diamond looks impressive. However, the value of a diamond is not determined by its size alone. There are other important characteristics like color, clarity, and cut. It is quite possible that a big diamond scores poorly in these vital domains. As a result, they may be much less valuable than smaller diamonds.

The Larger The Number Of Facets The Better

This is yet another myth. The aim of facets is to increase the refractive index of a diamond. However, this does not mean that the number of facets determines the brilliance of the diamond. Instead, it purely depends on the skill of the diamond cutter. If a diamond cutter provides a large number of facets without proper skill, it could affect the beauty of the diamond negatively.

Diamonds Rings Are The ‘Proper’ Choice For Engagement And Wedding

Engagement and wedding rings have been in existence since the ancient days. However, these have been linked with diamonds in the recent past. This came about as a result of huge marketing campaigns launched by jewelers. This portrayed diamonds as the perfect gem for engagement and wedding. Diamonds are the most common choice for these ceremonies nowadays, but there is nothing fundamentally wrong with mixing them with other gemstones within the same ring. People should choose rings because they love it and not because of social perception.

Diamonds are one of the most precious substances in existence and they are closely linked with important ceremonies like engagement and wedding. There are several misconceptions regarding diamonds that you need to keep in mind before you head to purchase your favorite baguette ring.

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