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Diamond purchase is an emotional process and marks an important event in your life. Therefore, it is very important for most people. This means the authenticity of the diamonds should also be questioned before you purchase before buying them. Note that there is a common misconception that there is only one kind of diamond alternative available in the market. Natural gems like colorless topaz, colorless sapphire, and colorless zircon appear very similar to diamonds. Hence, it is important to know the steps to check the authenticity of the diamonds of your baguette diamond ring at your own home as discussed below.

Tell if a Diamond is Real with Fog

To tell if your diamond is genuine, place the diamond before your mouth and, similar to a mirror, haze it up with your breath. In case the diamond remains misted for a couple of moments, then it is more likely to be a fake. A genuine diamond will not mist up effectively since the condensation does not adhere to the surface.

Tell if a Diamond is Real Using Water

Grab a glass and fill it with water (it doesn’t make a difference what kind of water you use). Drop the jewel into this glass filled with water. By virtue of the high thickness of diamond, a genuine diamond will sink when dropped into water. In case the diamond buoys to the top or center of the glass, it is definitely a fake diamond. This involves simple physics.

Determine the Authenticity of a Diamond with a Magnifying Glass

To decide whether your diamond is genuine, position a magnifying glass over the diamond and observe the diamond through it. Search for defects inside the stone. In the event that you can’t locate any, the diamond is most probably fake. Genuine diamonds have defects known as inclusions.

Determine Diamond Authenticity with a Black Light

You require a dark light for this test. Once you have this setting, switch off the lights and hold the diamond before the dark light. Most diamonds will uncover blue fluorescence under a black light. Hence, you will see a medium to a solid shade of blue, which means the diamond is genuine. In case you do not see the blue shading and rather observe a faint green, gray, or yellow fluorescence then this normally says the pearl is not a genuine one.

Remember the above tests and try them on diamonds to test their authenticity.

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