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Antique Engagement Rings

Baguette rings whether they are tapered or straight are the most preferred accent for the antique engagement rings. These step cut diamonds still have ardent fans like that of the Victorian and Edwardian Eras. Since its inception in the 1970s, the stylish baguette diamonds have been continuing to adorn as the adorable side accents. European or mine cut, the baguette stones paired up elegantly with both precious and semi-precious gemstones.The following are some alluring engagement ring designs that gracefully adorn baguette stones.

Vintage Channel-set band

Dating back to the 1980s, these vintage rings were clustered in gold metal that perfectly accentuates the baguette stones set in a uniform channel. The antique gold ring can even be worn as an elegant wedding band on either your left or right hand. 

Gemstone Engagement Ring

Popular since the 1970s, the gemstone antique ring was molded out with the mesmerizing no heat Siamese ruby. The antique makes the perfect substitute for the buyers opting for anything different from the common round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.

Antique Baguette Ring

By adorning this beautiful antique diamond ring, one would travel back to the Edwardian Era. European cut diamond completes this vintage look along with the sheer presence of baguette diamond stones. The royal Platinum metal creates the best band for the antique engagement ring.

Baguette and Princess cut Vintage Diamond Ring

Blazing alternately, the baguette and princess cut stones in this ring makes them a rather striking standout antique piece of jewelry. Approximately carved out first in the 1980s, the versatile metal like the white gold was used in this estate band.

Art Deco Baguette Engagement Ring

The central European cut diamond at the center is the real highlight of this vintage ring, besides the 30 other small European cut diamond and the two straight baguette stones at both sides. The splendid ring is set very intricately in Platinum metal forming some bold geometric designs as in every other beautiful Art Deco patterns.

Three Stoned Antique Ring with Side Baguette Stones

An oval cut diamond is placed as the center stone in this antique engagement ring, which is flanked by the channeling of two tapered baguette diamond on both the sides. The vintage rings cast in the platinum metal were one of the most preferred engagement rings of the 1970s. Nevertheless, they are still favored by quite a many vintage jewelry admirers.

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