A Note on Tapered and Straight Baguette Cut Diamond Shapes

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Have you ever heard about baguette-cut diamonds and where these diamonds are being used? Baguette-cut diamonds are rectangular-shaped diamonds that belong to the category of step cut diamonds. In this diamond cut, the parallel facets are arranged in a terrace-like fashion. Usually, baguette-cut diamonds have 14 facets with less carat weight. They are just like emerald cut with less sparkle and classic look. But they are not much expensive as the round cut and emerald-cut diamonds. Usually, they are used as side stones in engagement rings and other chain necklaces. In this article, we are going to discuss the shape and features of the tapered and straight baguette-cut diamonds.

Tapered Baguette Diamond Shape

Tapered baguette diamond shapes are formed when the two sides of the diamond taper inwards to offer a trapezoidal like shape. It is relatively a small diamond with an elongated shape. The meaning of the French word “Baguette” is narrow or long. It is a good diamond shape that can be used as a side stone for round, oval and other classic diamond shapes.

Straight Baguette Diamond Shape

Straight baguette diamonds are relatively small, elongated and rectangular shaped ones. During the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods, the demand for straight baguette diamonds was very high. Straight baguette diamonds have square corners with rows of step-like facets which are parallel to the table.

Mixtures of tapered and straight baguettes are good to be used in creating some unique jewelry. Pendants are the best example. Baguette-cut diamonds are also lined up to produce a continuous diamond flow on the ring, bracelet, and necklace. They are usually channel–set ones, but prong-set are also there.

While purchasing baguette-cut diamonds as side stones to your engagement ring, you have to ensure that it is matching with the color, quality, and clarity of the center stone. Because unmatched side stones will make the ring looks unappealing. Any imperfections in the baguette-cut diamonds are clearly visible than that in brilliant-cut diamonds. So you should keep in mind to ensure the quality of a baguette-cut diamond at the time of its purchase.

Like other diamonds, baguette diamonds are also treated to enhance their appearance. This includes high pressure, high-temperature treatments to improve clarity. There are also available many synthetic baguette diamonds today in the market. It is better to ask the retailer whether the diamond you are purchasing is natural, treated or synthetic before buying the same.

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