Which Diamond Is Better Round Brilliant Or Emerald Cut?

Emerald Cut Baguette Ring
Emerald Cut Baguette Ring
Emerald Cut Baguette Ring

Your possibilities for selecting a beautiful diamond for your engagement ring can seem limitless. Two popular and appealing options are round brilliant cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds. According to many jewelers, there has been a significant rise in the sales of emerald cut baguette rings and round diamond ring with baguettes in the past few years. Experts believe that this trend is mainly because of the increased popularity of emerald cut and round brilliant cut diamonds.

What Do You Know About Emerald Cut Diamonds?

There are several reasons why emerald cut diamonds are very popular. These stones are polished and beautiful, with 58 facets. The chopped corners may increase the durability of the finger, while the shape tends to prolong it. Emerald cut diamonds seem bigger than diamonds of the same carat weight, giving you more bang for your buck. These diamonds may be used in both basic and complex ring designs. Emerald diamonds, like other diamond cuts, come in a range of colors, sizes, and other qualities.

What Do You Know About Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

The traditional round stones seen in many engagement rings are round brilliant diamonds. For maximum brilliance, they’ve been created and trimmed to reflect the maximum light possible. A brilliant cut diamond’s 58 facets are designed to reflect light and give it a gleaming look.  The reason why the word “brilliant” was chosen is that these stones stand out and shine brightly from afar. Round brilliant diamonds are more expensive than other forms because so much of the raw diamond is removed during the cutting process.

Which Diamond Offers The Most Sparkle?

The level of brightness you desire will determine which diamond cut you should select. If you want more sparkle, round brilliants are the way to go. A round diamond has a brilliance that no other gemstone can match. The emerald cut may be a better alternative if you would like more color in your gemstone. Consider your setting’s metal, as well as your budget and color choices. Emerald-cut stones are more effective in hiding minor yellows than spherical stones.

Do You Want A Classic Ring?

Round brilliant diamonds can help you realize your goal of ageless, classic rings and old-school Hollywood glitz. The simple elegance of a typical round stone cannot be matched. If you want your ring to stand out from the crowd, you may opt for emerald-cut diamonds that account for only around 3% of all diamond sales. Realizing that your ring is more unique and different might be really beneficial.

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