Princess Cut Vs Radiant Cut Diamonds: Which Is The Better Option?

Baguette Ring
Baguette Ring
Baguette Ring

Both radiant cut and princess cut diamonds are a great option for people who are looking for square or rectangular-shaped diamonds. Both these diamond cuts create a stunning and distinct option for your engagement rings. These diamonds also exhibit much brilliance, which makes them a great alternative for round brilliant diamonds. If you want your rings to be shiny, but prefer a distinct look apart from the common look associated with round brilliants, then both radiant and princess diamonds can be a beautiful alternative for you.

If you are confused about choosing between the princess and radiant cut diamonds, then we are here to assist you, as we list some of the important factors you need to know about them.

Princess Vs Radiant Diamonds: Cut Design

Both these diamond cuts come in square and rectangular shapes. But there are slight differences between them, as princess cut diamonds have sharp corners, whereas, radiant diamonds have beveled corners.

The specific shape of princess cut diamonds makes them more vulnerable to chipping, especially, if they have inclusions or cracks near the corners. But the beveled corners of radiant cut stones can protect them from chipping.

Additionally, the long diagonal measurement of radiant cut diamonds gives them a bigger look than their carat weight. So it is a great option for people who are looking for bigger diamonds at affordable rates.


Both these diamond cuts are comparable in terms of their brilliance. That being said, a radiant cut diamond can reflect more light than a princess cut diamond, which makes it slightly more brilliant. But a princess cut diamond also exhibits exceptional brilliance making it a great choice for people who want their diamond jewelry to be shiny.

For additional brilliance, you can choose a baguette ring that comes with radiant or princess cut diamonds. Baguette diamond rings will have small baguette stones attached to the band that can give a stunning look and brilliance to the ring. As baguette diamonds are comparably less expensive, they can be greatly affordable for you.


Both radiant and princess diamonds are less costly than round-cut diamonds. A princess-cut diamond can be 40% less expensive than its round counterpart, whereas, a radiant cut stone is about 34% more affordable than a round diamond with the same quality parameters. But a radiant cut diamond can be 10% more costly than a princess cut diamond.

You have to consider all these parameters when choosing between radiant cut and princess cut diamonds.

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