Five Most Expensive Royal Family Engagement Rings

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring

People of royal blood are rich, so it is natural for their engagement rings to have quite steep price tags. For the same reason, a royal wedding is usually among the trendiest events in the world, which appeal to the masses. Here, we will present estimates on the amounts of money that the five priciest royal engagement pieces cost.

Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall

Prince Charles and Camilla tied the knot following a long-time romance. The former proposed the latter with an Art-Deco ring, an heirloom piece from his grandmother Queen Elizabeth. It has a 5-carat diamond at the center, with an emerald gemstone-like diamond and with three baguettes set around it. The cost of the emerald baguette ring is estimated to be between $70,000 and $100,000, but it is of almost incalculable value for the cultural importance of it.

Charlene, Princess Of Monaco

Albert, Prince of Monaco popped the question with a pear-cut diamond ring. Round brilliant cut accent diamonds set along the ring band’s shoulders, make it befit a royal jewelry piece. Industry experts estimate that its price would be between $55,000 and $65,000, according to the quality of the diamond and its specific features.

Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex designed the stunning engagement ring for Meghan Markle. The ring has a 5-carat pillow-shaped diamond, with 2 small round brilliant stones set around it. It is very special for Meghan Markle because the rocks come from the collection of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. Industry experts assert that it would take over $120,000 to produce a ring that resembles this heirloom piece. Anyhow, the addition of the round cut rocks from the collection of Princess Diana makes the piece priceless.

Grace Kelly, Princess Of Monaco

Rainier III, Prince of Monaco gave an emerald-shaped diamond engagement ring to his actor lover Grace Kelly. The emerald gemstone-like diamond mounted on a platinum band had two baguette diamond accents. It would take $550,000 or more to create a replica, but the original baguette diamond ring is so precious that determining its worth is almost impossible.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

The Kate Middleton heirloom piece differs markedly from the other royal family engagement rings mainly because it lacks a diamond centerpiece. Rather, it has a blue sapphire at the center and 14 round accent diamonds, all mounted on 18-Karat white gold. The significance of it is in the fact that it belonged to Meghan Markle’s husband Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. Its cultural and historical significance make its value determination an extremely complicated task.

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