A Detailed Look on Radiant Cut vs. Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Radiant cut and cushion cut diamonds are some of the most popular diamond cuts available today. If you are selecting a diamond ring, you might be confused about which one you would choose. Therefore, it is better to take into consideration various aspects of both these cuts before choosing your baguette diamond engagement ring. Below is a comparison of both these diamond cuts to help you choose the better option.


When it comes to shape, the two diamond cuts have distinct features. The radiant cut diamonds are characterized by a rectangular shape with cut corners. The cushion cut, on the other hand, has rounded sides with a less angular outline. Besides, you will also find certain cushion cut diamonds that are rounded to the point that they appear oval.


Cushion cut diamonds have a larger facet. This means that they are less brilliant than the radiant cut diamonds. Further, in antique-inspired cushion cut diamonds. You will find that the brilliance is even lesser. Nevertheless, you will have to bring both the diamonds side by side to make a clear comparison between the two, before you arrive at a final decision.

Cut and Facets

Both cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds belong to “brilliant cut” category. The facets of these diamonds are specifically designed and crafted to accentuate their brilliance. Apart from a normal difference in appearance, the face-up outline is the feature that brings out a big difference. If you are confused about one of these cuts for your diamond choice, make sure you do this comparison. This is because there are numerous varieties of cushion cut available.

Once you have started to compare the radiant cut and cushion cut diamonds, you will notice that the differences are not too dramatic. There are too many subtleties, which you have to consider. Hence, it is advised that you make a case-by-case comparison of the diamonds that you intend to purchase, for better clarity on which diamond to buy. This way, you can choose the diamond that suits your taste the best.

Comparing the Characteristics

The most popular diamond cut is the round brilliant cut. All other cuts fall in the category of fancy cuts. The radiant and cushion cut come under this category as well. In fact, the two are the most popular choices for people purchasing fancy cut diamond jewelry. Both these type of diamonds exude quite a lot of brilliance and sparkle. However, it is a fact that these two are entirely different cuts and have a few unique characteristics of their own.

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Cushion Cut Diamonds

  • These designs were created in the 1830’s. They a have a special vintage look about them, which enhances their brilliance and attraction. They are adorned with 58 facets that contribute to their impressive brilliance.
  • With the rounded corners and sides, they resemble a rectangle or a square. Many consider them to be similar to the emerald cut. When cushion cut diamonds are infused with brilliant-or step-cut faceting, they attain an amazing brilliance.
  • These diamonds also attract a lot of colors. It is advised not to have a color grade below J or G. When it comes to deciding the clarity of the diamond to pick, the best choice would be an SI2 or VS2. It is better not to choose anything below that.
  • The appearance of diamonds could vary according to the individual stones according to the carat weight. You should focus on the measurement of the faces rather than the carat weight because this is the factor, which will make the ultimate impact on how large your diamond ring looks.
  • If you wish to go with a square shaped cushion, choose a diamond with a length-to-width ratio of 1 to 1.05. For those who love a rectangular radiant, go for a length-to-width ratio that is 1.15 or more.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

  • These designs are relatively new to the diamond industry and were first used around 20 years ago. Their overall look can be summed up as modern. This is because they possess the fire of a round brilliant diamond as well as the sophistication of the Asscher cut or emerald cut diamonds. They are characterized by the presence of 70 facets.
  • The best thing about this cut is that they are a beautiful hybrid of the traditional round cut and an emerald cut. This results in a square shape with trimmed or cropped corners.
  • When choosing one, it is better to choose any diamond that is higher than an I color or G color. In terms of clarity, you have to choose any grade higher than SI2 or SI1. Similar to the cushion diamonds, the importance is to be given to the dimensions rather than the carat weight as it determines the appearance of the diamond.
  • For those who want to choose a square-shaped radiant, the ideal length-to-width ratio would be between 1 and 1.05. For those who prefer rectangular shaped radiant, 1.15 or greater is the ideal measurement.

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