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Choosing between these two types of diamond cuts is often a tough decision since both have a great reflection of the light. If you need the most shine, then a radiant diamond cut prevails over a princess diamond cut. However, there are major differences between both.

While a radiant cut diamond’s crown is similar to that of one with the princess cut, that is where the similarities end. The former is missing corners that are referred to as “sharp edges”. In fact, the Gemological Institute of America identifies it as a “cut-cornered square mixed cut”. While its crown portion is a tad higher than that of a princess cut diamond, the table is smaller than the latter in comparison.

The depth of a radiant cut stone may be a shy less than princess cut diamond as well, depending upon its length-to-width ratio. When looking from the top to down, the reflected light of a radiant cut diamond seems to move in circular pattern. This lets more light enter the stone as well as more ways for the light to be reflected out. However, the downsides are that radiant cut diamonds are fewer in the market and are not as popular as princess cut diamonds. You will also be able to see more princess cut baguette engagement rings in the market than the one set with the former type of diamond.

Most princess cut diamonds have a square shape, with sharp “uncut” edges. The stone’s center seems to have an “X” made by its facets as well as the reflection of the light. This is made by the contrast of light and dark or linear light. The vertically cut pavilion as well as crown facets make a princess cut diamond a thing to behold in the daylight. Usually, it has seventy-six cut facets, yet still less pricey. One of the reasons for that is because not much of diamond rough is wasted to create a couple of princess cut diamonds.

All in all, whether you want to purchase a radiant cut diamond or a princess cut diamond is considered a personal choice. If you fancy the clean, straight outer lines, then the latter will offer you sharp corners. On the contrary, if you appreciate a unique diamond design, you will love the cut corners as well as more facets offered by a radiant cut diamond.

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