Most Popular Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Baguette Engagement Ring

For the past few years, there has been a rise in popularity of the radiant cut diamonds. This is mainly because people have realized that radiant-cut diamonds are very unique and innovative. This square-shaped diamond has a brilliant-cut pattern, just like the round brilliant diamond.

This diamond ring was first developed in the 80s. Many expert jewelers often recommend radiant cut diamond rings over cushion-cuts and princess-cuts.

Here are some of the most popular radiant cut engagement rings on the market.

Baguette Setting

The baguette engagement ring is becoming widely popular among people who are looking to find a beautiful and unique ring to propose. Baguettes stones utilize the rectangular step-cuts to maximize the beauty and they are often used in vintage-inspired classic design. Baguette diamond rings are a better alternative to round-cut diamond rings.

Two-Tone Verragio

The name of the setting comes from the famous ring designer Verragio who designed many of the elegant and unique ring settings available in the market these days. This popular ring setting is the classiest way to display the beauty of your radiant-cut diamond.

Surprise Pave

This is the best choice you have if you are looking for something simple for your radiant-cut diamond ring. This setting will give an element of surprise to your center diamond. The main feature of this ring setting is that the accent diamonds are bead set in the band. When you look through the sides, you can see the diamonds on the prongs.

Diamond-Crusted Split Shank

This ring style will be ideal for your radiant-cut center diamond if you are looking for a diamond-encrusted look. The split shank on the design of the ring shows off just a bit of skin. The multiple rows of the shank are wrapped by pave diamonds.

Mixed Accent Stones

If you have trouble deciding which ring style to choose, this style may give you some clarity. Mixed accent stones have a radiant-cut center stone, baguettes, two sizes of round-cut diamonds, and textured gold. The design of the ring will grab everyone’s attention.

Substantial Setting

This ring setting is ideal for those who have more muscular fingers. This ring setting will complement your tough hands because it has a three-row diamond setting. This unique design will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Parade Floral

The name of the setting comes from the famous designer Parade. This ring setting has a floral motif that makes it perfect for engagement rings. Many couples these days are choosing this style for their radiant-cut engagement ring.

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