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Before getting to know radiant cut baguettes, let’s first understand the term ‘baguette’. The baguette was taken from the French word “bague”, which means jewel. According to the French dictionary compiled by Randle Cotgrave, it was called “a little jewel”. Some even though it was named after the French bread loaf, baguette.

Baguette is a step cut diamond that has straight or tapered edges. These diamonds usually have rectangular shapes, but some have a square shape too. These diamonds also have long sides which are angled inwards and it is one of the most popular engagement rings available in the market. Read along to know more about baguette cut diamonds, or visit to get more details.

Buying a Baguette Cut Diamond Ring

There are many things to look for when buying a baguette cut diamond ring. Some of them are

  • Baguettes which fall between the color range of D to G are meant to be costly.
  • The stones in the ring should match the color and clarity of the center stone. When the color and clarity differs, these diamonds tend to give inharmonious appearance.
  • Imperfections are avoided as these diamonds provide better visibility inside baguette cuts compared to round cuts.
  • These diamonds are mostly bought in sets as the shoulder of this ring requires two to three baguette diamonds.
  • Straight baguette diamonds should have a length and width of 0.1 mm to get a good match. Whereas a tapered diamond should have wide and narrow end width of 0.1 mm.
  • Like some other stones, treatment can be done to improve the appearance of baguette diamonds. Currently there are two type of treatment to improve the color and clarity of a diamond. The HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) treatment and the fracture filling treatment.
  • You can increase the curve of a baguette diamond ring by purchasing required number of tapered baguettes with length ranging from ‘X’ to ‘Y’.

Examine the 4Cs

When purchasing a baguette diamond, make sure to check its quality. You can do it by examining the 4Cs, namely color, clarity, cut and carat. A Cut determines the brilliance, sparkles and fire of a diamond. You may check the color of a diamond by checking the color scale, which ranges from D to Z. The clarity of a diamond provides us details regarding the inclusions in a diamond. More inclusions lead to less clarity in the diamond. Carat determines the weight of a diamond and it plays an important role in determining the price of a diamond.

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