Bezel Ring Setting: The Safety Queen Among Ring Settings

Bezel-Cut Diamond Ring
Bezel-Cut Diamond Ring
Bezel-Cut Diamond Ring

The bezel ring setting is one of the popular ring setting which is used in engagement rings. If you are looking for a setting for your engagement ring and wondering what a bezel setting diamond ring is, then this is the article for you. Let’s discuss the bezel setting rings below.

What Is A Bezel Ring Setting?

In a bezel setting, a metal rim holds the center diamond in its place. The metal rim provides the center diamond protection and adds a special elegant appearance. A bezel setting can be used with a variety of styles including side stone diamond settings, solitaire settings, etc. Different metals including gold and platinum can be used to make bezel setting rings.

Two types of bezel setting designs are available. They are explained below.

Types Of Bezel Settings

A full bezel provides a complete circular metal rim that surrounds the center diamond. A full circular rim gives ample protection to the diamond but it reduces the light falling into the diamond. A partial bezel leaves the sides of the metal rim open. This allows more light to fall on the diamond resulting in more sparkle.

Both full and partial bezels have a good grip on the diamond and are good choices for a durable diamond engagement ring.

Advantages Of Bezel Setting

The bezel setting holds the diamond firmly and provides more safety than the prong setting. There is very less chance for the center diamond to come loose.

The bezel setting is a modern type of setting which is very different from common engagement ring settings. So by choosing a bezel cut, you can look unique and stylish.

This ring setting can be perfect for people who are following an active lifestyle. The ring’s durability is very important for such people and the bezel setting is their perfect choice.

There are no prongs in a bezel-cut diamond ring hence cleaning and maintaining a bezel-cut diamond ring is easier.

Bezel cut rings don’t snag on clothing and other fabrics. Also, there is no worrying about bent prongs when you hit your ring somewhere.

The metal rim can hide some flaws of the diamond, especially the flaws on the edges.

Disadvantages Of Bezel-Cut Rings

The visibility of the bezel cut diamond is less when compared to other settings. Moreover, a full bezel can reduce the sparkle of the diamond.

The bezel can make your diamond look smaller.

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