A Comparison Between Emerald and Baguette Diamonds

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Important Diamond Facts

Emerald cut and baguette diamonds are two popular categories which come under the rectangular-shaped diamonds. Both diamonds are step-cut and have almost similar appearance. Baguette diamonds are featured by angular corners, whereas, emerald diamonds have polished corners. Baguette diamonds usually comes in small sizes and are commonly used as accent diamonds. But emerald cut diamonds are seen in larger sizes too.

Emerald diamonds are more admired for its luster rather than brilliance. It produces an effect called hall-of-mirrors, which exhibits a fusion of the light and dark planes. Even though, they have less fire, the stunning flash of light and long line provides an emerald diamond its elegant and pleasant appearance.

In contrast to the emerald diamond, a baguette cut diamond is cherished for not the sparkle or brilliance, but for its luster. They are also less costly than their emerald cut counterparts.

Is emerald cut more popular than baguette?

Yes, emerald cut is more popular than baguette diamonds. The demand for emerald cut is also higher than baguette diamonds. As those are available in larger sizes, they can be used as center stone for your engagement or wedding rings. Baguette diamonds are usually seen in small sizes, so they are used as accent stones in a ring to enhance the beauty of the center stone.

Baguette diamond rings can also be found where they are used as a center stone. But this is not very popular as they are small. When baguette diamonds are used as accent stones, they will accentuate the beauty of the center diamond, and provides more sparkle for the entire ring. Emerald baguette ring is a popular design in rings, where an emerald cut diamond is used as the center stone and baguette diamonds are used as accent stones for the ring.

Availability of both diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are available in wide range of carat weights. But baguette diamonds are found in small carat weights only. This makes the former more desirable than baguette diamonds. They can be used as the big center stone and also as accent stones. In addition to this, emerald diamonds are also available in many more color and clarity options. Baguette diamonds are not commonly found in jewelry stores. They appear less common than emerald diamonds. Most buyers are also unaware of the possibility of using baguette diamonds as an option for engagement or wedding rings.

Things to notice before buying emerald or baguette diamonds

When buying an emerald diamond or a baguette diamond, there are two important things you should consider. The first is diamond proportions and the other is diamond clarity.

Diamond proportions: The proportion in which a diamond is cut is very important. The balance between the ratio of length and breadth should be perfect for the diamond to produce maximum brilliance and sparkle. It is better to choose a diamond with length that is 1.5 – 1.75 times the width. When you select a diamond make sure that it is nicely proportioned. It should be neither too thin, nor too squat.

Diamond clarity: When you select a step cut diamond it is better to choose one which has VS1 clarity or above. As these diamonds have less brilliance than a brilliant cut diamond, flaws will be more visible for them. The brilliance of a diamond helps to hide the flaws to a great extend, but both emerald cut diamonds and baguette diamonds are not featured for their brilliance. They are less forgiving when it comes to clarity.

For a step cut diamond, even small inclusions or blemishes will appear more visible than other cuts. Therefore, by selecting a VS1 for your clarity, you can make sure that the flaws are not visible to the naked eye.

Baguette diamond ring

Some Baguette diamond rings will have a single solitaire diamond. There are some other designs where baguette cut diamonds will line the entire ring without a center stone. This design will have baguette diamonds covering the entire circumference of the ring, giving it a sleek and simple look.

Baguette diamond trilogy rings will arrange smaller baguette diamonds on both sides of a lager center stone. Baguette diamonds are a great choice as accent stones as they will give a prominent and projected look for the center stone. It will provide more glow for the ring. The thinner appearance of such diamonds will give a mild yet sophisticated look.

Emerald cut diamond rings

Emerald diamond rings usually comes as solitaire designs which are set with one diamond. There are some other designs in which the emerald diamonds are accompanied with other stones such as accent stones. Trilogy ring is one of the most popular among them. Halo rings are also available in many jewelry stores. The rings like emerald baguette ring, which feature emerald cut diamond in the center and baguette diamonds as accent stones around the ring is also popular.

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