Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Stone Pairing Recommendations

Round And Baguette Diamond Ring
Round And Baguette Diamond Ring
Round And Baguette Diamond Ring

If you have an engagement ring, you would want a wedding ring that matches it. That would especially be the case if you plan to wear both rings on the same finger for the rest of your life. You may try some different combinations, but remember that there is no wrong or right option here. You may combine a classic engagement ring with a traditional wedding band with the same metal. Or, you may choose a modern and unique band, like the one with embellishments, or a mixed-metal ring. As for the gemstone pairings, here are some recommendations for you.

Baguette Diamond

A baguette ring makes for an engagement ring-wedding band combination with two differently cut gemstones. For instance, consider a round and baguette diamond ring combination. That is to say, if your engagement ring has a round diamond centerpiece, then seek a wedding band with the baguettes set on it. It would be more attractive if one of the two rings has an East-West setting. With it, a round diamond with baguettes engagement rings may look more appealing, and the pairing can give a more elegant look to the combination ring.

Emerald-Cut Diamond

The emerald-cut stone makes for a statement jewelry piece. If your engagement ring has that emerald-like diamond, then consider emphasizing it more with a round-shaped diamond band. The emerald-shaped stone is less brilliant and reflective than a conventional round diamond, which is what you want for an engagement ring-wedding band combination.

Radiant Cut Diamond

A ring with the radiant cut gemstone would look good if you pair it with a diamond-paved band. You would like to go for that style if you prefer mixing up the two differently cut diamonds. Anyhow, it is worth noting that it can also look good alongside other radiant-cut gemstones. Only, the other stones have to be smaller for those to be sparkly and unique.

Pear-Cut Diamond

Do you own an engagement ring with a pear-shaped diamond set on it? If yes, it would be the best excuse to seek a contoured wedding band. It would pair well with the contoured band. Having the wedding band means it would be exposed more around the pear stone while having its place to shine. The pear-cut stone ring can also look stunning alongside an embellished wedding band featuring a diamond-filled crown as a design element.

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