About The Baguette Diamond Ring Of Bachelorette Fame Michelle Young

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring

The Bachelorette show’s finalist Nayte Olukoya could not keep his excitement in check after working to discover the engagement ring that suits his actor fiancée Michelle Young. It has a small pear-cut diamond along with many round brilliant diamonds and some tapered baguettes. Despite a large number of diamonds on the engagement ring band of Young, reports say that it only has an approximate weight of 3 carats. The carat size is uncommon for a celebrity’s baguette diamond ring.

Olukoya regards the pear-like diamond as a classy gemstone shape and was excited about buying it for his fiancée. During their Bachelorette shoot in Mexico, the couple looked at many different rings for their engagement before choosing the design that suits Young. Eventually, he proposed marriage to her along the stunning shoreline of Mexico’s Punta Mita area with this ring. It is a pear diamond with around 50 round brilliant diamonds and 2 tapered baguettes set on a platinum band.

For the uninitiated, the term baguettes refer to small diamonds with tapered or straight edges and a step cut. Some diamonds are nearly square baguettes, whereas others are longer. Tapered baguettes have long sides angling inwards and are popular options for celebrity engagement rings.

The baguette engagement ring of Young radiates a sense of desire and beauty as well as represents her relationship with Olukoya. Whenever one turns it a bit, a different form of diamond sparkle becomes visible.

The tapered diamonds on the platinum band offer a vintage look and feel to the engagement ring Young. Almost every ring between the 1930s and the 1960’s featured tapered diamond baguettes. A ring set with step-cut diamonds, such as tapered baguettes, reminds us of a period where jewelry with architectural elements was all the rage. It appears that Olukoya chose it since Young has a classical sense of aesthetics when it comes to jewelry.

Despite the classic-ness, it is worth noting that the pear diamond shape also offers the ring a modern touch. The halo of small diamonds around the pear-shaped stone transforms the ring into a vintage jewelry piece, which resembles jewelry of the early 20th century.

It is slightly challenging for jewelers to make these kinds of engagement rings in the United States of America or elsewhere. As for the customer, it sits on the engagement ring finger and represents their love for someone special in life.

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