An Article On Popular Vintage Diamond Ring Trends

Vintage Diamond Rings
Vintage Diamond Rings
Vintage Diamond Rings

Rather than settling for an ordinary diamond ring, you can select a vintage diamond ring for a classic appearance for your engagement ring. Choosing a vintage engagement ring is one of the best ways to appreciate your romantic relationship.

Modern diamond rings with your desired quality grades are easier to find than vintage diamond rings but they are very common as it is being used by almost everyone for their engagement. Vintage-style jewelry has exquisite, delicate embellishments that give the piece considerably more character. You can now find modern diamond rings inspired by vintage diamond ring styles. These can be perfect for engagement rings as they combine the features of vintage and modern diamond rings.

Before you go to buy a vintage diamond ring, know about the popular trends among them. In this article, we are discussing some popular vintage diamond ring trends.

Halo Ring Settings

The Halo ring setting is a floral-inspired design that matches perfectly with the feminine style. As you may know, a halo of smaller or similar-sized diamonds is placed around the center stone in a halo setting. The Edwardian era from the beginning of the 20th century served as the basis for the traditional halo cluster rings we see today. Because of a cluster ring’s distinctive design, you can combine several band types to make a wedding stack that is entirely unique to you.

Round diamonds pave set around the center stone have been the most popular vintage ring settings used nowadays. Other settings like Art Deco-inspired halo engagement rings with tapered baguettes or other little fancy-shaped prongs set around the central stone are also used.

Three-Stone Setting

The three-stone ring setting became popular after Prince Harry used such a ring setting to propose to Meghan Markle. Each stone of a three-stone diamond ring tells about the past, present, and future of the couple. Some people prefer all three stones to be in the same proportions but some select a bigger center stone. Three-stone rings are ideal for people with traditional tastes who want something modest but no less impactful.

Art Deco Rings

The Art Deco rings are intricately designed and can be a perfect choice for fans of vintage engagement rings. The most renowned ability of an Art Deco setting is that it can provide an antique feeling to rings of any age. They are still popular due to their classic and elegant appearance.

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