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Are you planning to propose to your better half? Then, you might be wondering about the perfect diamond engagement ring design that is likely to woo her. Note that round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings are the most popular choices so far. However, this is a clichéd option and will not be an ideal choice if your significant other adores non-traditional and unique baubles. One of the ideal and edgy choices that you may consider in this case is a stunning baguette cut diamond ring.

Usually, a baguette diamond is arranged on a ring in multiples to add a touch of sophistication and style to the overall design of your engagement ring. Hence, people tend to use it as accent stones rather than the center stone since it can accentuate the beauty of any diamond cut and shape without distracting the attention of viewers. However, millennial couples tend to use baguette stones as the main gemstone of their engagement rings as well for a flattering and edgy appeal.

Undoubtedly, this ancient diamond cut, which is popular since the romantic art deco era, should be included in the shopping vocabulary of every jewelry lover. To know more about this mesmerizing diamond cut, check out the valuable points given below.

What is a baguette diamond cut?

Baguettes are step-cut rectangular diamonds that feature tapered edges and straight lines. Usually, baguettes will be smaller in size since they are mostly used as accent stones. Nevertheless, some baguettes are available in the square shape as well. When it comes to using baguettes as center stones, the tapered stones that boast inward angles and longer sides are the preferable options. Besides, baguette diamond rings are way cheaper than its brilliant and some step-cut diamond ring counterparts.

Difference between baguette cut and emerald-cut diamonds

Some people tend to confuse baguette cut diamonds with emerald-cut diamonds because of the similarities in their shape and visual appeal. Note that even though emerald cut diamonds are square or rectangular in shape and feature step cut, they boast diagonally-cut corners. On the other hand, baguette cut diamonds boast square corners along with clean and straight lines. This, in turn, contributes to the sleek and modern appeal of baguette diamond ring designs.

Similarly, baguette cut diamonds ideally feature 14 facets offering better luster to the gemstones. However, the brilliance of baguettes will be comparatively less when compared to other brilliant-cut and even some step cut diamonds. This is why baguettes are usually used as accent diamonds.

When it comes to emerald-cut diamonds, it tends to feature around 58 facets. Still, emerald-cut stones hardly mimic the fiery radiant, princess, and round brilliant cut diamonds when it comes to its sparkle. Rather, emerald and baguette cut diamond ring designs often flaunt a unique and exclusive appeal. Additionally, while baguettes are mostly used as accent stones, emerald-cut diamonds are commonly set as the main gemstones of engagement rings.

Baguette diamond ring styles

A baguette cut diamond ring can be crafted in numerous styles. One of the most popular options is the ballerina design where elongated and slender baguettes are arranged around the center stone of a ring to mimic a sparkling ballerina tutu dress. Usually, a colored gemstone of round shape is used as the center stone in this case. Furthermore, the baguettes are usually highlighted using the channel setting for the ballerina design. Some ballerina diamond ring designs are likely to feature prong-set baguettes as well.

Another popular option that resembles the ballerina setting is the Sunburst design where a small round diamond is encircled with slightly colored or yellow baguettes of varying dimensions to mimic the rising sun appeal. The antique baguette diamond ring settings are also extremely popular. One of the sought-after designs features a cushion cut diamond flanked by triangular-cut diamonds on its top and bottom creating the illusion of a huge hexagonal-shaped diamond. This whole diamond setting is further surrounded by baguettes to spruce up the overall appeal and complexity of the design.

Cuts and dimensions

When you choose a baguette cut diamond ring, go for the brilliant baguette cut option, especially if you are planning to set it as the main gemstone of your engagement ring. Note that this novelty cut can be defined as a mixed cut that features a perfect blend of kite-shaped and triangular facets on the pavilion and subtle step-cut facets on its crown. This diamond cut is designed to enhance the overall brilliance of your diamond cut while maintaining a non-conventional and complex appeal.

Unlike other diamonds, you must focus on the dimensions rather than the carat weight when choosing a baguette cut diamond. For instance, if you are planning to buy two baguette cut diamonds to flank on each side of your center stone, it is recommended to ask your jeweler for baguette diamonds of equal dimensions rather than equal carat weight to nail the look.

Tips to pick the perfect baguette cut diamond

  • Choose baguettes of the same clarity and color grade when set alongside the center stone since it can create inharmoniousness otherwise.
  • Make sure that the facets of your diamonds are symmetrical and parallel since even a slight variation, in this case, will be evident and may distract the attention of viewers
  • You can choose treated baguette stones to own a diamond that features elite characteristics at relatively cheaper rates. Usually, HTHP (High-Temperature High-Pressure) method is used to enhance the clarity grade of baguette stones.

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