Why Baguette Cut Diamonds Are Used As Side Stones

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring

There is a wide variety of cuts and shapes available in diamonds. While some of them are popular and commonly used in engagement rings, like round brilliants, some others are less popular and not usually preferred by people. Baguette-cut diamonds are one of the less popular diamond shapes even though they are stunning and unique in their own way. These diamonds are commonly used as side stones in engagement rings and they are not a popular option for center stones.

Baguette diamonds have a lot of distinct features that make them different from other diamond cuts. The following are some of the important things you want to know about this particular diamond so that you can determine whether to include it in your engagement ring or other pieces of jewelry.

What Are Baguette-Cut Diamonds?

Baguette diamonds are elongated, thin, rectangular-shaped diamonds that usually come with a length-to-width ratio of 5:1. These diamonds can either have straight edges that form a perfect rectangle, or they can also come with tapered edges that angle in. The corners of a baguette diamond are pointed which makes it different from similar diamond cuts such as the emerald cut.

Baguette stones only have 14 facets which is a lot less than normal diamond cuts which usually come with at least 50 facets. These diamonds are also normally found in small sizes. Hence, they are commonly used as side stones in engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. They are also used in wedding bands and eternity rings where the bands will be embedded with small diamonds.

Additionally, baguette diamonds are less brilliant when compared to most other diamond cuts. Hence, they are not usually used as the center diamond in rings. Instead, they can be used to enhance the appeal of your center stone when set as side stones.

Are Baguette Diamonds Expensive?

Baguette diamond rings can be more affordable than rings that come with other diamond shapes. Baguette diamonds usually come in small carat weights, as they are not usually used as center stones. Additionally, they are less brilliant and shiny than most other diamond cuts.
Baguette diamonds are narrow and shallower. Hence, they will show the imperfections in a stone well. Therefore, you can get baguette rings for cheaper rates when compared to other options.

However, the price of these diamonds can increase with the increase in their carat weight and quality. So when choosing baguette diamonds for your ring, make sure to consider your budget too.

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