What You Want To Know About Queen Letizia’s Diamond Engagement Ring

Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Letizia Ortiz and Felipe VI of Spain got engaged 19 years ago. When Letizia Ortiz was a journalist, Felipe gave her a beautiful engagement ring, which was not like almost every other royal engagement ring. It has 16 baguette diamonds set on a band of white gold. It looks a lot similar to an infinity ring rather than a conventional engagement ring.

A Spanish jewelry brand found in 1943, crafted the baguette diamond engagement ring of Queen Letizia. It is thought that the ring is worth £20,000, as per Steven Stone specialists. However, Letizia is often photographed without this dazzling piece of jewelry on her engagement ring finger in her public appearances. It is not an unusual situation for a royal person, because several royal people have also swapped their engagement rings and wedding bands for dress jewelry. For instance, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, does not rock his wedding band. Even Prince Andrew, Duke of York, did not wear his ring as he tied the knot with Sarah Ferguson.

In the case of Queen Letizia, her favorite ring is often her jewelry piece with a gold-plated design from a jeweler in Madrid. She wears the ring on the index finger sometimes and on the left-hand ring finger at other times.

Queen Letizia of Spain reportedly chose to not wear it for the reason identical to why she does not sport her wedding band. Once, she attributed it to the need to shake her hands often at reception areas that injured her.

Felipe VI of Spain and Letizia dated for a while before they announced their engagement news to the rest of the world. It surprised many people because they kept their romantic relationship a secret from the outside world.

The Almudena Cathedral location in Madrid hosted their wedding ceremony, which made Letizia a Spanish Princess. A decade afterward, Felipe became the King of Spain, whereas his wife Letizia turned into the Queen.

Spanish fashion designer Manuel Pertegaz designed a stunning wedding dress for Letizia. The most notable feature of her silk dress was its collar. As with the edge of the remaining part of the dress, the collar featured the embroidered work of the ear of wheat. Unlike her baguette diamond ring, the elements served as a nod to the wedding tradition of Spanish royalty. The above-mentioned elements belonged to Prince of Asturias’ royal crest.

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