What Do You Know About Baguette Diamond Rings?

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring

Diamonds that are elongated, thin, and have a rectangular shape with tapered edges that angle inwards or straight edges are called baguette diamonds. The length-to-width ratio of baguette diamonds is usually 5:1 and sometimes square-shaped baguette diamonds are also available. Since they are usually small, they can be used as side stones for wedding and engagement rings, or as part of an eternity ring. The baguette diamonds are a member of step-cut diamonds and the main difference between baguette diamond rings and other diamond cuts is the number of facets baguettes have and their straight and perfect square edges.

Origin Of Baguette Diamond Engagement Rings

The baguette diamond was created in the early part of 2oth century, during the Art Déco and Art Nouveau periods. Following the Art Déco period, they gradually rose in popularity as preferences shifted away from more conventionally cut diamonds. Baguettes became popular as focal pieces in a variety of jewelry. The popular baguette cut is now widely available in jewelry stores all over the world, though it is mostly used as a complement to larger diamonds. It’s relatively easy to find tiny baguettes to use as side stones, but when done correctly, long baguettes could be used as elegant center pieces.

Is Baguette Diamonds A Good Choice For Your Engagement Ring?

The number of facets in a baguette diamond is fewer than other step cuts, resulting in lower internal brilliance. As a result, baguette diamonds that have high clarity and a precise cut are to be used as accent stones. Other diamond cuts can get away with less clarity because the numerous facets help to hide flaws.

When you select baguette diamonds as the accent stones, make sure that they match and don’t come into conflict with the center diamond. Because of their shape, baguettes are more likely to get damaged and become dull. Baguettes make excellent accent stones, but when used as a centerpiece, they have a delightful minimalistic modern look.

Important Things To Look For in Baguette Diamonds

Because of their small size, baguette diamonds do not have the brilliance and radiance of other cuts. As a result, make sure they’re of the best possible quality and clarity. They must be of the same color as the center diamond. Baguettes are the cheapest diamond cut, but the better the grade, the more costly they are. Because they get damaged more easily than other cuts, the setting you choose is crucial.

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