What Are The Factors Affecting Diamond Cut Quality?

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring

Many of us wonder what makes diamonds so special, and the first thing that comes to our minds is their sparkle. This is determined by how light is refracted inside the stone. According to gemologists, the primary feature that determines the quality and value of a diamond is its cut; it refers to the proportions of different facets of a stone of any shape. This is true for the baguette diamond ring because of its fewer facets. Read on to know about factors affecting diamond cut quality.

The Diamond Cut

The quality of the diamond cut is determined by five factors: depth, table, symmetry, cut grade, and polish. They affect the attributes of a diamond, i.e. its brilliance, fire, and scintillation; they are also used for evaluating the quality of diamond cuts. Shared below are details regarding the five factors that determine diamond cut quality.

The Depth:

The depth of a diamond is the distance between the top portion of the stone, i.e. the table, and the bottom facet, i.e. cutlet. It can also be called the height of the stone. The depth percentage is calculated by dividing the depth of the diamond by its width. This value has a significant effect on the appearance of the stone. For example, diamonds with lower depth percentages will appear larger than stones with higher depth percentages; when their carat weights are the same. Besides, it can affect the sparkle of the diamond, and the ideal value for it changes according to the shape of the stone.

The Table:

A table is the top portion of the diamond, and it is the flat as well as the largest facet of the stone. The table percentage is the ratio of the width of the table to the width of the entire stone. Having the ideal ratio gives diamonds exceptional fire and brilliance which increases their value as it is one of the characteristic features of these magnificent stones. It is calculated by dividing the width of the table by the diameter of the girdle.


Symmetry is the precision with which a diamond is cut. It determines the alignment and placement of facets in relation to each other. Due to this, highly symmetrical diamonds will have amazing brilliance and sparkle.


A well-polished diamond will exhibit exceptional brilliance, and it is one of the key processes in cutting rough stones.

Cut Grade:

The cut grade is the most important factor that takes into consideration the previous four factors of the diamond cut quality. A gemologist on evaluating them assigns a cut grade that varies from excellent to poor.

These are the important points that you must be aware of when purchasing a round and baguette diamond ring.

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