Tips To Select Diamond Ring Guard Or Enhancer

Baguette Diamond Rings
Baguette Ring Guard
Baguette Ring Guard

If you want to add an extra charm to you diamond engagement ring, then you can consider using a ring guard or enhancer. They are designed to accompany solitaire rings, and support the diamond on either or one side to enhance the beauty of the center stone as well as the overall look of the ring. Also, they add extra embellishment to the ring in the form of stones, and the price is determined by the total carat weight of the stones. Besides, they can be added any time after, so couples add them as a companion anniversary band to upgrade the engagement or wedding ring. Shared below are some points that you have to take into account to select the right type of ring guard or enhancer.


The style or shape of the ring guard must complement the ring and there are 3 different types of ring guards.

  • Circle Guard: This type of ring guard or enhancer goes around a solitaire diamond ring, and they are paired with round, brilliant or cushion-cut diamonds to enhance the beauty of the center stone. It can either be a partial or full ring, and creates a balanced look combined with the diamond ring.
  • Side Wrap: This type of ring guard or enhancer sits on one side of the diamond ring and can also be attached to it.
  • Dual Wrap: In this type, there are two enhancers or guards sitting on either side of the original ring, making the appearance of three rings in total. Some are designed in such a way that the ring can be slipped into the middle between the enhancers. Baguette ring guard belongs to this category and adds refined beauty to the original ring.


The majority of ring guards are designed to enhance the beauty of the center stone of the solitaire diamond ring. This is achieved by using complementary colored diamonds, with more diamonds or using a combination of both. They can be either custom made or can be chosen from available designs. The other important point is, it is better to go for a material that matches the original ring. But, the recent fad is to go for a different metal that offers contrast and enhances the beauty of the baguette ring.


The size and design of the enhancer is determined by the dimensions of the original diamond ring. For example, a bigger carat diamond ring can allow for a more elaborate ring guard and vice versa.

So, communicating your requirements with the jeweler will help to select the right type of ring enhancer.

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