Tips To Clean Diamond Engagement Rings

Baguette Diamond Rings
Baguette Engagement Rings
Baguette Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are the most important piece of jewelry that many people own and they wear it for a lifetime. Hence, they require care and maintenance so that they survive for generations. Maintaining the brilliance of the diamond requires delicate care and rough handling while cleaning will diminish its beauty especially designs with multiple stones like a baguette engagement ring. The focus of cleaning is to enable maximum amount of light to enter as well as reflect from it so that it always sparkles with brilliance that it was designed to.

Listed below are some tips that you have to bear in mind when cleaning a diamond ring.

Check The Durability Of The Ring

Since you are wearing the diamond engagement ring every day, you must check if there is any damage, slight wobbling of any of the stones before cleaning. If you ignore it and engage in cleaning it might further damage the ring.

Minimise Physical Handling Of Diamond

Diamonds can easily attract dirt on to them when you touch it and this in turn reduces their sparkle. So handle them sparingly to minimise the dirt deposition on the stone.

Clean Them Regularly

One of the simplest ways to maintain the sparkle of the diamond is to clean them once or twice a week. You do it by soaking in a mild soap solution to dissolve the oil or grease on the stone as well as the ring. Then you remove it from the solution and use a soft brush to clean gently any remaining dirt. Use it to access hard to reach areas like the lower part of the diamond where grim or dirt easily gets deposited. Now rinse it under running warm water until all the soap and dirt is removed.

Drying Off The Diamond Ring

To dry the washed diamond ring, make sure to use only clean cotton or linen cloth that is lint free. When cleaning them, don’t apply too much pressure especially for delicate settings like tension setting or even prong settings. The same holds true even for rings with side stones like a baguette ring.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Solutions

Avoid cleaning agents that contain abrasives or chlorine for cleaning diamond rings as they can damage the ring material.

Be Careful When Using Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners work by sending low frequency sound waves through the cleaning solution to create vibrating liquid that removes encrusted dirt from the diamond ring. But they might loosen the stones and hence you must be careful when using them.

The best option to clean and maintain your diamond ring is to let a jeweler do the job, as they are more experienced in the field.

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