Tips For Selecting Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguette diamonds are known less as a centerpiece in jewelry yet they are quite common. They are the perfect stones for enhancing the beauty of the center stone by multiple folds. Baguettes usually come in a rectangular shape with their length to width ratios reaching up to 1:5. The step cut diamonds have 14 facets and have straight or tapered edges.

The longer sides in a baguette diamond with tapered edges angle inwards. In this article, we give you some tips for selecting a baguette diamond ring.

  • If you are selecting a diamond ring with baguette diamonds, make sure that all the diamonds in the ring have similar clarity and color and should go well with the center diamond. If the baguettes are visibly different from the center stone or from one another, it will give an unappealing look to the ring.
  • Because baguettes are step cut, its crown facets will be arranged in a terrace-like fashion parallel to the table edges. Even the slightest of deviations from the stone’s symmetry will be clearly visible and compromise its aesthetic appeal. All the facets should be parallel and symmetrical.
  • In order to enhance their appearance, baguettes can be treated using special techniques. Treatment methods include high temperature and high pressure to fill any fracture or enhance the color of the stone to improve its clarity.
  • Avoid inclusions as they are easily visible in a baguette diamond than in a round brilliant stone.
  • Baguettes are usually purchased in sets. To add them as simple accent stones on the sides of the center stone in a ring, you may require one, two, or three baguettes on each side. The lengths and widths of the side stones have to match the dimensions of the channel. For tapered baguettes, the widths of the wide and narrow edges have to be specified to 0.1mm for the match you expect.
  • Dimensions are more important than weight in the case of baguette diamonds, as they are purchased in sets. If you are choosing 4 baguettes, with 2 each sitting on either side of the center stone, you should buy stones that have the same dimensions. Stone of the same carat weight can come in different dimensions. Hence give importance to a dimension more than carat weights when it comes to selecting baguette diamonds as side stones in rings.

The baguette diamond has a mix of vintage and modern charm about it.

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