The Significant Characteristics of Radiant Cut Diamonds

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
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Radiant cut diamonds are known for their outstanding brilliance and fire as the name indicates. This impressive diamond ring cut was invented in 1977 so as to craft a stone that offers the elegance of the emerald diamond cut along with the brilliance of the round brilliant cut. Clearly, the objective was achieved and the radiant cut diamonds roared to popularity, especially in the 1980’s.

The crown, as well as the pavilion, of radiant cut diamonds is beautified by 70 intricate facets, which exhibit an impressive light performance. The precision of the facets in the radiant diamond cut as well adds to its sparkle. Note that only the round brilliant cut diamond can surpass the scintillating brilliance of the radiant diamond cut. This is because of the difference in their facet arrangement and its precision.

Furthermore, an important characteristic of the radiant diamond cut is the beveled corners of the gemstones. These tapered corners are perfect to tackle external damages such as chips, scratches, etc. Evidently, radiant cut diamond engagement rings will be a perfect choice for all the people who lead a hands-on lifestyle.

The Popularity of Radiant Cut Diamonds

Couples use round or square accent diamonds on each side of their radiant cut center diamond in order to offer a breathtakingly amazing resplendence to their radiant cut diamond engagement rings. A baguette diamond ring will be an ideal choice for this.

As a result of some similarities such as the square shape and tapered corners, consumers often confuse radiant cut diamonds with cushion cut stones. Nevertheless, there are some notable differences between these two diamond cuts when it comes to their appeal as well as the cut. Even though both these diamond cuts feature beveled corners in order to enhance their durability, cushion cut stones have more rounded off corners whereas, the corners of radiant cut stones are even distinct.

Moreover, it is really hard to beat the brilliance of radiant cut diamonds because of its large table and précised facets. On the other hand, cushion cut diamonds as well offer a decent sparkle. Still, it is mainly known for the colorful flashes of light it emits or the fire. So, you can easily differentiate a radiant cut stone and a cushion cut diamond by comparing their brilliance.

Apart from that, there are many significant characteristics that make radiant cut diamonds extremely unique and a practical choice for all the sparkle lovers out there. Some of those vital properties of radiant cut stones are listed below.


The quality of a diamond is mainly assessed on the basis of its cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. Out of these, the cut is the most important quantifier. As mentioned, radiant cut stones come under the brilliant cut genre and it features an impressive sparkle as a result of its luminous facets. Since most diamond certificates document the cut quality of round brilliant stones only, you will have to assess the cut quality of radiant cut stones by yourselves. Hence, it is highly recommended to rely on a trained eye for this purpose. Still, you may consider the following radiant cut diamond proportions for a flawless stone.

  • Table Percentage – 61 to 69
  • Depth Percentage – 61 to 67
  • Girdle – very thin to slightly thick
  • Culet – none

In addition, thoroughly inspect the corners of radiant cut diamonds. Even though it has to be tapered for better stability, make sure that it is neither too wide nor too narrow. Plus, the corners must be symmetrical with each other for better visual impact.

The Length to Width Ratio

The LTW (Length to Width) ratio is an important characteristic of any fancy diamond cut. By altering the LTW ratio, you can make a radiant cut diamond either square or rectangular. It is to be noted that the LTW ratio of your radiant cut diamond totally depends on your personal preference. Still, a standard range when it comes to the LTW ratio of radiant cut stones lies in between 1.00 to 1.35.

The lower end of the ratio is perfect for people who admire square-shaped radiant cut stones. As the ratio goes higher, the stone tends to elongate and become rectangular. For an impressive rectangular shape, you may consider the LTW ratio up to 2.00.


The clarity of radiant cut stones or any other diamonds refers to the number of inclusions or flaws within the diamond. Of course, diamonds with higher clarity grade will be more desirable. However, the number of facets and their intricate arrangement will make your diamond look like crushed ice. This effect can mask the inclusions and other imperfections in the stones to a great extent. Hence, you can compromise on the clarity grade of your radiant cut diamonds as much as it does not affect the visual appeal of your stones.

The same thing is applicable to the color quality of radiant cut diamonds as well. Just make sure that the diamond is flawless and colorless when you look at it with your naked eyes. This is not possible when it comes to a step cut diamond ring like baguette ring, emerald cut ring, etc., as they tend to highlight the diamond inclusions.

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