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Sparklers of decent carat weight such as a 3-Ct baguette diamond ring will be quite expensive. So, people who do not have a great bank balance may often look for some diamond alternatives. Note that one of the best diamond alternatives that you may consider if you desire for something that looks exactly like a diamond yet affordable is moissanite stones. Now, most of you would be wondering about whether or not a moissanite engagement ring is an ideal choice. For this, you may refer to the following points that highlight the pros and cons of moissanite stones over diamonds.

The Pros

Moissanite Stones are Ethical

One of the main issues that most people may face when it comes to diamonds is regarding its ethnicity. Note that most diamonds are mined under unfavorable conditions such as labor exploitation, human rights violation, etc. Plus, the mining process of diamonds can pose devastating effects on nature, triggering erosion, pollution, etc. Unethical diamonds are likely to fund many violent movements like wars as well. On the other hand, moissanite stones are made in labs and you will not have to worry about its ethnicity. Hence, if you are concerned about the ethics in the diamond industry, moissanite stones will be an ideal alternative for you.

Moissanite Features Better Sparkle than a Diamond

The main factor that attracts people to diamond is their inimitable sparkle. In fact, it makes these gemstones a hypnotic rarity in the world. However, diamonds are formed under immense pressure and temperature. So, it is natural for diamonds to flaunt some flaws such as inclusions and color tints. These imperfections can affect its sparkle. When it comes to moissanite stones, it will be flawless since it is made in labs. So, moissanite rings will be a great choice if you give priority to the bling of your stone.

The Cons

The Color of Moissanite Stones is Not as Clear as Diamonds

You cannot expect moissanite to feature the same color quality of diamonds. Note that some moissanite stones of low or medium quality tend to appear yellow or greenish. So, it will be an issue if you intend to purchase a moissanite baguette ring since the cut tends to highlight its flaws.

Some Jewelers Will Not Work on Moissanite

Some jewelers hesitate to work on synthetic stones including moissanite. This can make things challenging for you in the future, especially when you intend to repair, clean, or resize it. Hence, make sure that the jewelers around you are perfectly fine to work with such stones before you purchase it.

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