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Baguette Diamond Ring
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Baguette diamonds are characterized by an elongated rectangular silhouette, and 14 step-cut facets. As a result of the facet arrangement and flat tables, they tend to exhibit a mirror-like reflection rather than highly overt sparkle. Hence, these stones are usually used as accent diamonds instead of main gemstones. Note that the appeal of baguettes is perfect in complementing almost any diamond shape, without distracting the attention of viewers from the centrepiece.

A baguette cut diamond ring will be a perfect option for almost every person since it can easily manage both modern and classic designs. The step cut of baguette diamonds would instantly remind you about the Art Deco diamond designs, whereas its clean lines are perfect to define the modern minimalism.

Baguette Cut Vs Emerald Cut

As a result of the resemblance in cut pattern as well as appeal, some diamond ring buyers may confuse a baguette cut diamond with an emerald cut one. However, both feature some significant and notable differences. A baguette diamond consists of 14 facets, whereas there are around 58 facets in an emerald cut diamond. The former flaunts a narrower and more elongated profile when compared to emerald diamond cuts. The size of a baguette ring would also be smaller when compared to an emerald cut diamond of similar carat weight.

Baguette Diamond Rings

It will be really hard to spot a diamond ring with baguette center stone at a jewelry store. As mentioned earlier, baguettes offer a mirror-like reflection that is ideal to beautifying the center stones. Hence, they are often used as side stones. However, a diamond ring with baguette center stone would be really stunning and unique. This type of rings is perfect for all couples who tend to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Furthermore, there are two types of baguette diamonds; straight and tapered. The former is the standard baguette diamonds, which flaunts a rectangular shape and perfectly cut corners. The latter, on the other hand, is characterized by tapered corners. It is this type of baguettes that is usually used for the center diamond, and not the straight ones.

Popular Settings for a Baguette Ring

By choosing certain diamond ring settings, you can enhance the appeal of your baguette diamond rings to the fullest. Some of those complementing baguette diamond ring settings are given below.

Three Stone Diamond Ring Setting

This is a decent option for people who adore vintage diamond ring designs. In this setting, a tapered baguette stone of decent carat weight is flanked by smaller elongated baguettes on each side. If you prefer, you can choose other diamond cuts and shapes for the accent stones. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the clarity and color grade of your center baguette diamond, since it would display its flaws and color issues more apparently with increase in size. You can enhance the overall vintage appeal of a ring by choosing an antique gold metal setting.

Channel Set Baguette Diamond Ring

The most popular option for a baguette ring is the channel diamond ring setting. Here, a huge and sparkling center diamond is beautified by channeling its metal band with tiny baguettes. Usually, straight baguettes are used here and it will create an illusion of a circle of sparkling mirrors when set vertically. You can also set tiny baguettes and colored gemstones in an alternating manner on the band in order to enhance its overall visual appeal. When it comes to metal settings, platinum or white gold will be ideal since the luster of these metals will add to the overall sparkle and beauty of the ring.

Ballet or Flower Baguette Diamond Ring Setting

This diamond ring setting is exclusively created for baguette stones. In this setting, a center diamond is encircled with vertically-set elongated tapered baguettes. Usually, the baguette stones of alternating height and lengths would be set around the center diamond in order to create a spectacular effect. The overall appeal of such a baguette ring would create the illusion of a sparkling delicate daisy flower ,or a ballet tutu frock, hence the name. The ballet baguette diamond ring setting will be the perfect option for all brides who admire designs that show off artistic magnificence.

Shopping Tips

  • When you purchase a baguette diamond ring, make sure that the color of the baguette is the same as that of the center diamond.
  • Brilliant cut stones such as princess cut, round cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, etc., tend to look more colorful or whiter than baguette diamonds of similar color grades. Hence, choose baguette stones with a higher grade in order to complement brilliant cut center stones.
  • Even though the step cut tends to display the imperfections and flaws in a stone more evidently, the elongated and narrow profile of baguette diamonds can tackle this issue. However, things will not be the same when it comes to baguette diamonds of higher carat weights.
  • Baguette diamonds tend to exhibit a sophisticated appeal when set on eternity bands or wedding bands because of the unique appeal.

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