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Baguette Diamond Ring Designs
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With plenty of great baguette diamond ring designs out there these days, few brides that adore vintage rings find themselves strapped for lovely ring options. The step-cut layout and flat facets of the baguette shape tend to offer a sophisticated and sleek aesthetic when they are into wedding bands or engagement rings. As a result of its unique silhouette, this shape is usually picked for accent stones. That said, the baguette cut would look stunning even on a center stone. Given below are some mind-blowing designs for baguette cut diamond rings which you can consider for your engagement or wedding.

Solitaire Baguette Diamond Ring

This is one of the traditional baguette diamond ring designs which show off the signature characteristics of vintage styles, especially Art Deco designs. In this style, the main gemstone is secured by means of four prongs. It is better to consider a tapered baguette-cut diamond than a straight -cut baguette for this. Note that the former type is characterized by tapered corners. Furthermore, you can channel a tiny and elongated baguette accent on each side of the center stone, in order to boost the overall elegance of the ring.

Rose Gold Baguette Diamond Ring

Choosing colored metal settings would be the best option for baguette stones, since lustrous metals like platinum and white gold tend to make the inclusions in the baguettes even more obvious than otherwise. If you are more into sparkling, feminine baguette diamond ring designs, a rose gold band paved with baguettes would be perfect. In this design, a huge round brilliant cut diamond is beautified by paving rectangular baguettes and tiny round diamonds along the band, in alternating order. You can add milgrain work and beautiful floral patterns as well on the diamond ring band, in order to make it more distinctive. Furthermore, bezel-setting the accent stones, is a good way to give the ring a bit more of a traditional appeal.

Yellow Gold Baguette Diamond Ring

The distinctive formation of a baguette stone can make even the slightest yellow tint in the gemstone evident. Using a yellow gold metal setting can mask such flaws to a great extent. Here, a baguette cut diamond of decent carat weight is held in place by means of four beaded prongs. This center diamond is further flanked by a tiny baguette accent stone on each side. In addition, another baguette accents of similar size are placed a step beneath each of the main accent stones. A lot of brides in love with glamorous and chic styles tend to choose this type of baguette diamond ring design.

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