Some Popular Types Of Baguette Diamond Rings

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguette-cut diamonds are a type of step cut that originated from the hogback cut, i.e., elongated table cut. This diamond cut was popularized during the art deco period. Remember that during this time, streamlined forms and geometric patterns were more popular due to their elegant yet sophisticated look. Although baguette-cut may look like emerald-cut, they are different. In the former, the corners are squared off. Sometimes, the one end of baguettes is tapered into a trapezoidal shape. In this article, we will discuss in detail about baguette diamond ring.

Baguette Diamond Ring

Often baguette-cut diamonds are used as side stones or in a halo setting in engagement or wedding rings. Apart from this, the lower number of facets, i.e., only 14, makes it easily complement any diamond shape. Having said that, larger baguettes can be used as a center stone, but this is uncommon. Because of this, you must request to have a custom setting for this type of stone.

Different Types Of Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Baguette Diamonds In Three Stone Setting

In three-stone settings baguettes are used for adding vintage bling to the diamond engagement ring. Here, the tapered baguette works better, but a straight baguette can be used if the center stone is more angular. Besides, according to the GIA, the length and width of baguette side stones must match. You must also keep in mind that differences in color and clarity may become more noticeable in the case of a bigger baguette. Above all, baguettes easily complement other step-faceted cuts like the emerald or Asscher.

Baguette Diamonds In Channel Settings

In the channel setting, baguette diamonds are embedded into the band of the diamond engagement ring. When they are set vertically along the width of the band, they will have the look of an endless row of mirrors; this enhances the beauty and brilliance of the ring. Apart from this, you can alternate diamonds with colored gemstones to get a unique-looking channel setting. Above all, usually, this design uses a straight baguette.

Baguette Diamonds In Flower Or Ballet Setting

In this diamond engagement ring setting, tapered baguettes are set around a center diamond. This arrangement creates a beautiful halo, which is similar to a dainty daisy or ballet tutu. Furthermore, you can also adjust the height and size of the baguette diamonds for creating a dynamical-looking engagement ring.

Keep these points in mind when purchasing a baguette diamond engagement ring, and we hope that the details shared above clarified your doubts.

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